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Kanpur – Uttar Pradesh


Kanpur or ‘Kanhpur’ as it was originally referred to as is additionally referred to the Manchester of the east. Kanpur is nowadays the vital industrial center of province, an Indian state, and is found on the shores of river Ganga.

The city is huge and has nice historical, industrial and spiritual importance nowadays. town has several attractions and one will use the Kanpur map to get and unfold the mysteries of town. severalguests like to visit the place because it has many places of attractions and might be reached simplyby the economical mode of transport provided by town administration. There area many places of importance near Kanpur which will be seen within the map and use it to more explore town, that is legendary for several things like leather good, textile, monuments, temples, zoo, forest etc.



Until the 18th century it was known as a small village under the rule of Shuja-ud-duala, who was the Nawab Wazir of Awadh. But after he was defeated by the British, things began to take a new turn. Today it is the most flourished and highly important place and is the most industrialized place of the state. Kanpur is known to have played an important part in the freedom struggle of India. The place was a favorite among freedom fighters like Tantiya Tope, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sardar Bhagat Singh and Nanarao Peshwa. It is today an important educational center as well and has institutions like the Agricultural College, National Sugar Institute, Harcourt Butler Technology institute, medical colleges and many more.

Kanpur is a must-visit destination on the map of Uttar Pradesh. It comprises of the Bhitargaon brick temple that is known as the oldest roofed Hindu shrine with a high shikhara. Jajmau is another important place to visit that lies on the east side and is important place to see the famous mausoleum of Makhdum Shah Ala – ul- Haq, mosque built by Kulich Khan and also famous temples like the Siddha Devi temple, and Siddnath temple. The beautifully constructed Shri Radhakrishna temple is another must visit by tourists. It is built by J.K. trust and has a perfect blend of modern and ancient architecture. The Jain glass temple is also a place worth visiting. It is built with glass and intricate enamel work.

Apart from the huge structures, you can also visit the Allen forest zoo, which was opened in 1971 for visitors and is one of the best Zoos in India. You can have picnics here and spend the whole day admiring the picturesque surroundings. Kamal retreat is also an ideal spot for spending the day. It has a swimming pool and displays artificial waves with lightning which is worth watching. You can also enjoy a walk in the park, or enjoy boating facilities here. Pool Bagh is a beautiful park that is situated in the heart of the city and is also known as Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi memorial. Bhitargaon is a unique architectural specimen that belongs to the Gupta era and dates back to 600 AD. The place is the first shrine that comes with Shikara.

Travel Destination

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka


Situated in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and encompassing an area of 834 sq km, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to be for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure freaks and for those looking to spend their vacations away from the daily hustle bustle.

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary along with Anshi national park has been declared the Dandeli national park under Project Tiger and it is now regarded as the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. Dandeli along with its lush green deciduous forests and the waters of River Kali flowing through it, offers a wide range of exciting activities ranging from Jungle safari, Bird watch, white river rafting, river crossing, canoeing, crocodile spotting, camping, eco-tourism, pilgrimage and so much more!

Dandeli offers a panoramic combination of scenic beauty with fascinating landscapes, unsmooth terrains, picturesque valleys, narrow rocky caves and sparkling waters! The altitude here varies from 100m to 970m with Hegda Tamba occupying the best purpose. All of this place along with rare exotic and species build Dandeli a preferred holidaymaker attraction in Karnataka.

Climatic Conditions

Being enclosed by dense forests, the atmospheric condition in Dandeli stay moderate, neither turning into too hot or too cold. Throughout the summer season, the common temperature stays around 33˚C, whereas throughout the winter season the common temperature may be a pleasant 26˚C. Several tourists value more highly to visit throughout summers/winters. However, the rainy season be slightly difficult due to serious heavy rainfall occurring throughout the month of June to Sep.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dandeli is from October to May with the temperature staying in the moderate range and the heavy rainfall is at bay.

Wildlife & Vegetation

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for rare, endangered animals, never-before seen mammalian species and exotic birds making it a perfect destination for wildlife photographers!


Being a part of the Project Tiger, Dandeli is an abode to almost 40 tigers! You can also find an amazing variety of Elephants, wild pigs, wild dogs, black panthers, monkeys, deer, mongoose, sloth bears, barking deer, leopard, flying squirrel, the Indian pangolin and the Malabar giant squirrel among others. It is only magical to observe these fascinating creatures as you make your way through the woods. For instance, the Malabar giant squirrel is almost the size of a small dog! Truly, lives up to its name! On sensing danger, it flattens itself on a tree branch. Be prepared to be astonished and amazed!


Dandeli is regarded as a heaven for bird watchers. And why not, for this park is home to 200 species of birds! Some of these include, The Greater Flameback, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Blue Tailed Bee-Eater, Eurasian Cuckoo, House Swift, Indian Nightjar, Wire Tailed Swallow, Bronzed Drongo, Bar Headed Geese, Black Eagle and many more others!

During summers, a spectacular moment is when Malabar Pied Hornbills can be found feasting on the fruit trees!