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Keep Up-to-date on Football While Travelling around the World


8562562295_92021d1500_bOne of many people’s dreams is to travel around the world and some of them are fulfilling it now. The passion of travel means sacrificing things that you valued also. It might be your personal belongings, your house, time together with your friends and family, your job, your hobbies or anything around you. When traveling you need to sacrifice something to support your financial needs by selling your belongings and some travelers even sold their house. Another thing is that you will miss time with all of your loved ones and friends since you’re away from them. Most of travelers also choose traveling and give up their job to explore the world. Other things that are affected are your hobbies especially when you have limited time. Although some hobbies can be done anywhere, you’re time is very limited. Personally, I’m really a football fan before I start traveling and it’s not easy for me to forget it. That’s why along the way I keep on looking on some ways to be updated without needing too much time since I travel a lot.
Here are some ways to be updated on any kind of sports especially when you’re a football fan:


• Social Media

Nowadays, everything can be accessed through internet and social media platforms are popular now especially Facebook and Twitter. You can be updated by just using it in your smartphone and reading sports news related feeds. There are so many ways – looking from your favorite player and team’s official page and fan page, using hashtags, news feeds from popular sports news websites and more.

• Local Sports Bar

When you are outside and there is a local sports bar nearby, it’s your chance to catch some live games. Most sports bar have Television and show live games of different sports which is wonderful. I also met a lot of football fans in sports bars and some of them are my friends until now.

• Official FC page

This is also advisable for some avid fans of football. It is the official page of Football clubs, it also means that this is the source of all news around the web. These pages can be accessed online and you can get important details on it like statistics of players, fixtures and results of matches, how to get tickets and official announcements.

• Sports betting Website

There are a lot of websites you can get details about your favorite teams and players including fans websites. Also, sports betting websites offers a lot of important details like statistics, odds, schedule of matches as well as live streaming of games. Many bookmakers share these details for visitors especially for fans who wants to bet and indicate chances of winning. William Hill football betting site is one of sports betting websites that shows important details of all football competitions and leagues around the world. They offer odds of players and teams into different football clubs as well.

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Must Visit Places in Philippines


If your modest backpacker’s budget won’t get you as so much as Hawaii, the Philippines is an often-overlooked Asian destination of ineffable beauty that deserves your attention. The archipelago of 7000 islands is so full with natural wonders that you simply will spend a period exploring them. If you discover yourself within the Philippines with a backpack, here’s where you should go.

Go island-hopping at the Bacuit Archipelago

While Vietnam’s Halong is spectacular in brochure pictures, it’s overrun with tourists. If you’re hopeful of nice natural beauty that you simply get to explore by yourself, the peaceful islands of the Bacuit Archipelago north of Palawan ought to be at the top of your list. It’s one amongst the few tropical paradises on earth wherever you continue to get to search out secret, undiscovered beaches that you simply will decision your own.

See the Hanging Coffins of Echo Valley

Hanging CoffinsBackpackers will notice that the mountainous territory of Northern Luzon is different from anything that other parts of the country have to offer. As you walk up the mountain paths, the equatorial heat of the plains drops away, to be replaced by cool, pine-scented air that is reminiscent of European spring. Echo Valley, known for its echoey mountain areas, is easily reached on foot. The local tradition of putting their dead to rest in colorful coffins hung off the sides of mountains makes for an interesting sight.

Wild horse district

The wild horse district of Sagada is a remote area of the island that is home to hundreds of wild horses. It’s easy to see the area as right out of a Marlboro advertisement, which is the reason the district is also called Marlboro Country. To reach this location, you need to be willing to trek through dense, tropical forests – an enjoyable experience if you love nature.Marlboro Country

Ifugao, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The village of Ifugao in Northern Luzon can only be reached through a long track. The reward, though, is spectacular – a gentle slope of rice terraces in the middle of high mountains. It’s a site so impressive, the UNESCO has counted it worthy of world heritage site recognition.

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Chocolate HillsThe Chocolate Hills National Monument is a geological curiosity in the Bohol district of the Visayas region, a collection of 75 or so islands. The national park is famous for its hundreds of strange, cartoon-like hills, all with symmetrical little slopes, rising no more than 100 m or so out of completely flat surrounding earth. The term Chocolate Hills comes from the appearance of the hills from a distance – that of a large tray of chocolate kisses.

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Most Attractive Beaches


Porto Katsiki

Perhaps one among the foremost breathless beaches anywhere on the earth, Lefkada’s Porto Katsiki is not like the other place on Earth. With a near-constant breeze and gentle weather, it’s the steep rocks, jutting cliffs and mild white sand that create this place stand out. There are canteens and parking tons. Camping is often prohibited and there’s no lodging. You’ll ought to book a room in one among the simplest hotels on Lefkada or an apartment in one of the nearest villages such as Athani village.Porto Katsiki

Shipwreck Bay

In the 1960’s coastguard members mistakenly ran a cargo ship to shore in Zakynthos, believing it to be a drug runner. Today, the giant skeleton of a ship is still on the beach, near the cliffs that overlook the bay. A popular spot for swimmers, this is one of Greece’s most unusual beach spots worth visiting. However, the beach can be accessed only by boat.


If swimming, snorkeling and generally splashing about in gorgeous green blue water is your idea of heaven, then Vrika beach is the way to go. Catch a boat on Corfu to this sandy getaway, and you might not ever want to leave. Vrika beach can be accessible only by boat. You can access it with a water taxi or day-cruise from Paxos island or Parga in the mainland. Vrika beach is a wonderful place to go snorkeling.Vrika

Ayia Eleni

If you’re traveling with a group, Ayia Eleni has something for everyone. Mountains, a view of the mainland, beach bars, restaurants, kayaking, pedal boats, and crystal clear water for swimming make this beach one of the best Greek beaches really worth visiting.


Follow the winding road south from Zefyria for about 5 miles and you’ll discoverPaleochori. Underground volcanic activity keeps the water warm year-round, and stunning cliffs in a myriad of colors look down on the sandy shore. The beach is calm and relaxing and it’s not crowded at all! When swimming, be very careful, because it’s quite deep and the waves can be rough.Paleochori

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Find Adventure in the Rockies


Go ahead and picture “adventure”. Then picture “thrill”. Now picture your next vacation. Does it all match up? If not, it might be time to rethink where you should book your next holiday. Maybe you’ve been on a few ski resort holidays, or maybe you’ve been twice a year since you were a kid. Either way, it may seem like the best skiing is only offered by a traditional resort in some famous part of the world. But what if there were something more? What if you could guarantee an experience so captivating it blew all other traditional ski holidays away? The truth is no matter how nice a ski resort holiday can be it can never offer the personalized service and experience of heli-skiing.

Find Adventure in the Rockies

Heli-skiing is downhill skiing or snowboarding that is done off-trail and accessed by helicopter rather than the traditional ski lift. Because it makes use of a helicopter, you’re not hemmed in by boring trails and big crowds. Rather, the landing site – in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Range – is all yours; and once you’ve reached your spot, you can ski or snowboard with just you, your 3 closest friends, and the beautiful mountain.

With heli-skiing, you waste far less time going up the mountain, waiting in the lift queues, or running like mad to get to fresh powder first. Instead, you can take your time drinking in the quiet scenery of a majestic mountain, photographing without worrying about someone’s blur racing by and ruining the picture. There’s nothing like the knowing that guaranteed virgin powder is awaiting you.

And because heli-skiing is guided by experts, many of the dangers of backcountry skiing are handled for you so that you can focus on your experience rather than logistics. You can rely on pilots and guides to facilitate your trip by finding routes, mitigating avalanches, and communicating by radio so you and your crew can safely ski in style.

So before you get sucked into another holiday spent at a resort, convince your friends to make it a heli-skiing vacation. Contact Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, the leading provider of heli-skiing trips in the Rocky Mountains. Their dedicated and enthusiastic team are made up of skiers themselves, so they can create an exhilarating and unforgettable trip. With unprecedented views, virgin powder, and comfortable chalets waiting at the base, you’ll have no better time.