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Sydney beaches to rival Bondi


If you’re headed to Australia, chances is that you’re already dreaming of warm sands and aqua waves; the country is understood for its beach culture and there very isn’t something sort of a lazy day lounging on a Sydney beach. The traveler destination is that the notorious Bondi Beach – however if you would like a true Sydney expertise, live sort of a native and see wherever the seriously cool people hang around. These beaches showcase the most effective sand and ocean of Sydney – from the set back and funky to the hip and party-central; therefore look on the far side the traveler lure and provides them a try!

If you’re headed to Australia, chances are you’re already dreaming of warm sands and aqua waves; the country is known for its beach culture and there really isn’t anything like a lazy day lounging on a Sydney beach. The tourist destination is the infamous Bondi Beach – but if you want a real Sydney experience, live like a local and see where the seriously cool folk hang out. These beaches showcase the best sand and sea of Sydney – from the laid back and cool to the hip and party-central; so look beyond the tourist trap and give them a try!

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

Similar to Bondi beach, Coogee may be a better option to fulfill a combination of locals and in-the-know travelers. The beach here is very less populated, the views are higher and you’re less probably to be overcharged for drinks. The nightlife is often Australian therefore bring a amendment of clothes and you’ll be able to party til dawn. To induce to Coogee beach, take the subway to the Bondi junction and grab a bus from there.

Bronte Beach

After being voted the most effective suburb to live in out ofthe full Sydney area, Bronte Beach is presently vastly widespread, with smart reason! There are many surf opportunities, with most surf shops giving beginners lessons therefore take the chance to catch a wave. Public BBQ’s also are dotted regarding the beach, therefore take some burgers and create on a daily basis of it. Take the subway to the Bondi Junction and acquire an direct bus to Bronte beach.

Tamarama Beach

Otherwise referred to as Glamourama, this beach is packed with the foremost stunning locals and flower child travelers. It’s near Bondi beach and shares the awful sand and surf, however features a lot of ‘cooler’ atmosphere and is well value sorting out – even if just for the people watching!

Manly Beach

Manly Beach

If you wish beach activities, this can be the place to travel. Competitive volleyball tournaments run usually, and whether you’re enjoying or looking it’s a good trip. The most effective way to get here is to require the terribly scenic Manly Ferry from Sydney Harbour, it takes around half-hour and offers nice views the complete means through the seven mile journey.

So if you’re longing for quite simply the everyday traveler trap, attempt one amongst the beaches higher than – but remember, Sydney could be a stunning town where you go, and whichever you select – you almost certainly won’t wish to leave Sydney offers some great beaches, but try to avoid the tourist trap and avoid spending all your time on Bondi, venture further a field and you’ll see a seemingly endless supply of amazing beaches across Sydney.

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Sarnath Tourism


Lord Buddha got enlightened in Bodhgaya and came to Sarnath where he preached his first sermon.

Later Ashoka the great visited the place and erected a stupa in honor of Lord Buddha. Several different stupas were erected subsequently and Sarnath came to be a very important center of Buddhism.

Although much of its past glory is in ruins, Sarnath until date is one of the four principal Buddhist journey sites situated in India. A travel Sarnath would take you to an old world of stupas and viharas where ancient relics, manuscripts and inscriptions bear witness to an excellent past.

Mulagandhakuti Vihara
Spacious landscaped gardens these days adorn the remnants of the Sarnath monuments, together make for a pleasant locale.

Sarnath attracts its fame as one of the most Buddhist sites in India. After he was enlightened in Bodhgaya, Lord Buddha came to Sarnath and delivered the first sermon. Stupas, Viharas and museums in Sarnath are abiding lure to the Buddhists across the globe.

The little sleepy city lies near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, that is one of the prime holidaymaker destinations in India. So the best way to reach Sarnath is via Varanasi, which has an airport and a railway station with in town.

Shopping in Sarnath

With its host of Stupas, Viharas and museums Sarnath showcases a forgotten past of Buddhism.

A bustling settlement of yore, Sarnath nowadays appears like a deserted village with the ruins of Stupas and Viharas. Therefore there don’t seem to be several choices for shopping in Sarnath. But the nearest town is Varanasi, that offers nice shopping delight. In you were a passionate shopper and keen on shopping in Sarnath, opt for shopping in Varanasi.

Varanasi has a wealthy tradition of handicrafts and conjointly several shopping joints. The town is legendary for exquisite silk saris. On events like weddings, religious occasions Varanasi Silk Saris are huge hits with the Indian women.

varanasiOther popular things for shopping in Varanasi include stone-carved things, that is additionally craft in Varanasi. Explore the Government-run emporia and host of private shops while shopping in Varanasi.

You may also find assortment of traditional handicrafts from other areas of Uttar Pradesh, like: Zardozi from Agra, embroidered fabric from Lucknow, leather works of Kanpur.

Enjoy the Sarnath tourism and have fun!