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When is the Best Time to Visit Panama and Costa Rica?


Be it the unspoiled, spectacular beaches of the lush green rain forests, majestic mountains – both Panama and Costa Rica are brimming with numerous places for you to explore. Everyone from a laid-back vacationer to the one who is searching for adventures and thrills will love these places. If you wish to live your life right on edge, plan a trip to visit Panama and Costa Rica. Traveling to Costa Rica will prove to be one of the best holiday destinations. The myriad of wonders spread across the place will be enough to charm you for a lifetime. This shouldn’t surprise you that both Costa Rica and Panama have proven to be naturalist nirvana. The large, remote territory is all about the exotic aura that spreads across beaches, jungles, yoga retreats, and eco-lodges.

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6 Best Things to do in Bahamas


The Bahamas is a charming destination for all beach lovers. The flickering beaches, coastal mountains, and the fabulous Turks and Caicos make Bahamas one of the captivating holiday destinations. You can enjoy several things in the Bahamas, such as surfing beaches, scuba diving, hiking trails, eating your favorite seafood, exploring tropical sands, etc.

Here in this article, we have jotted six amazing things to do in Bahamas, which you must not miss during your vacation –

1. Beaches of Bahamas

Who doesn’t love beaches? People visit Bahamas beaches for exploring the soothing nature and feel the pleasant weather all year round. The blue waters, the waves, and the sun rays make it more incredible.

Moreover, the fantastic things to do in Bahamas beaches are lounging and horse riding. Some of the beloved beaches in the Bahamas are Gold Rock Beach, beaches on The Stocking Island, and the Pink Sand beach.

2. Diving and Snorkelling

Once you are in the Bahamas, the best things to do in Bahamas are diving and snorkeling. One can enjoy amazing reefs and caves that lie beneath the water. Besides, Andros Great Barrier Reef, the third-largest in the world, can make your scuba diving experience remarkable. You can also enjoy aquatic animals like dolphins, sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, etc.

Moreover, there are several local beaches, private islands, and resorts that offer astounding snorkeling areas. Besides, places like Grand Bahama, New Providence are ideal for snorkeling.

3. Boat tours

Boating is one of the fantastic things to do in Bahamas. While sailing, you can also enjoy snorkeling, diving, fishing, and swimming. Besides, you can also get a chance to explore other immaculate beaches. These activities will give you full enjoyment.

The boating experience can make your trip memorable; however, chartering a private boat can be expensive.

4. Eat at Arawak Cay

Bahamas beaches are great, but food also matters a lot. There are many restaurants and dining places on the beaches too. Hence, you must not worry. If you want to try the most authentic dishes, you must try the Arawak Cay fish fry. Besides, you can also enjoy other traditional fish fries of the Bahamas. During Sundays, you can enjoy poetries and also can listen to local bands playing around the food joints.

5. Pink sand beach

In the Bahamas, you will get an opportunity to enjoy both white and pink sand. Moreover, the famous pink sand beach is on Harbor Island. You can witness three miles of pink sand that fade into aqua-blue waters. The color of the sand is pink due to the presence of foraminifera, a micro-organism, and pieces of shells and corals. This is indeed one of the most beautiful things to do in Bahamas.

6. Lucayan National Park

If you are in the Bahamas, then you must not miss Lucayan National Park. It is a 40-acre jungle. Here, one can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the mangrove swamps, pine forests, beaches, boardwalks, and some phenomenal animals and birds. You can also witness the longest underwater cave-system over here.

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Treat Yourself to a Luxury Trip Away


Going on a luxury trip is a great time for you to enjoy doing your favorite activities or getting some rest and relaxation. It is a chance for you to explore and try new things while giving yourself a treat.

Why You Should Treat Yourself to A Luxury Trip

To make your vacation a fantastic and memorable experience, there are many factors that you must consider, such as the location, amenities and facilities, services offered and activities available. By choosing to go on a luxury holiday, the chances of getting an extremely relaxing yet amazing experience is higher since this type of vacation offers the best of everything. It may be on the pricier side, but if you have the cash to splash, you might want to take some time off your daily routine and take a break by going on a luxury trip.

Here are some of the best destinations to go on a luxury trip:

Visit Mauritius

If you want to take a break in a warm and relaxing place, Mauritius may be just what you are after. This place is known for its luxury resorts, beautiful waters and powder-white beaches. They also provide excellent hospitality and services as you enjoy your tropical views. Aside from the beaches, you can also go out and explore Mauritius by hiking or visiting botanical gardens. If you want to experience their culture, visit their fishing villages and try out their cuisine.

Enjoy in Lake Como

One of the most popular luxury destinations for the rich and famous is Lake Como in Italy. What makes this a go-to place for the wealthy is the breathtaking surroundings and the fun activities people can take part in. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the perfect spot to get the best overlooking view of the lake and experience the highest level of hospitality. This famous hotel has a heated infinity pool and a relaxation lounge that offers a panoramic view of Lake Como from its floor to ceiling windows. You can also enjoy spa treatments such as hot stone therapy, facials, and other services to help you rejuvenate.

Travel to St. Lucia

Aside from being known for its reef-diving sites, volcanic beaches, and fishing villages, St. Lucia also has several resorts that offer amazing and luxurious vacations for visitors. Most of the accommodations in the island will give you a great experience of the climate and surroundings, but if you want to get a luxurious feel, the Boucan by Hotel Chocolat is one of the best options for you. Their rooms’ interiors have a contemporary design, and they have open sky showers that give you spectacular rainforest views. Don’t forget to try their food – their cacao cuisine is made exclusively by their chocolate specialists.

Go to Tanzania

A trip to Tanzania will give you the best safari experience combined with luxury. It is one of the best destinations for people who want to spend time in nature and enjoy a good climate, while enjoying high standards of accommodation. If you fancy trying something different, why not try staying in the luxury domed tents in the Highlands camp located in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It offers a view of Kilimanjaro and other spectacular views. They also serve you gourmet meals made from local organic ingredients.

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Top Tips to Ensure an Unforgettable Trip to Brazil


Are you planning to travel to Brazil? Brazil is a vast country full of wonder and is arguably the best country to visit if you want to explore South America.

To enjoy a trip to Brazil, you need to plan your journey well. This South American country has a lot to offer; there are boat tours where you can see anacondas, jaguars and caiman and other rare wildlife. Also, the people of Brazil are known for their rich culture and vibrant nightlife. You can miss these and other amazing attractions if you fail to plan well.

The following tips will help you make the most of Brazil.

Pre-book Your Airport Taxi Transfer

Transportation is usually a source of great stress for many people visiting foreign countries. For instance, you may not know where you are going and you may fear trusting strangers. In addition, you can be overcharged or even lose your valuables when you travel with strangers.

To avoid unnecessary headache, it is a good idea to pre-book your taxi so that you know it will be on time, safe and will take you to where you need to go. Furthermore, if you book ahead you will have a set price and will avoid being ripped off on arrival.

Make Sure to Research Restaurants to Taste the Amazing Cuisine

There are many international restaurants in Brazil. All claim to offer the original Brazilian cuisine. However, if you want to make the most of your time here, it is a good idea to do some research before you go so you know which restaurants you would like to visit.

Go on a Tour around Brazil

Brazil is a large country. If you visit the capital city only, you cannot confidently say that you have been in Brazil. The best attractions in this country are found outside the city. For example, the amazon, hot deserts, rainforests and natural beaches. Therefore, to ensure you manage to see all you want to see, it is a good idea to book onto a tour that will suit your agenda.

Learn the local language

If you want to understand any culture, it is a good idea to learn the language. If you want to enjoy the Brazilian dances and songs, learn a little about their tongue and culture. You can learn any foreign language online in the comfort of your home.

Ensure you have Travel Insurance

Brazil is a wild country, hence why it is such a popular destination to travel to. However, this comes with its own disadvantage. Openly speaking, anything can happen to you when you are abroad and before travelling, you must ensure that you are properly covered.

Bottom Line

Brazil is one of the most famous countries for tourism. There are a lot of amazing things to see and do in this South American region. However, if you fail to plan well, your trip may not end up as exciting as you expected. On top of planning, make sure to enjoy and capture every moment and fill your camera with exciting photos to keep and share.

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A Guide to Working Abroad


Living a life away from your home country is both exciting and challenging. It takes lots of grit and courage to start your life over again and work with other nationalities. Nevertheless, you will be able to immerse yourself into new culture and environment which can be a good turning point in your life. Here is some information and tips to help you adjust to your work and life abroad:

Paid Work Projects

There are thousands of jobs and projects available for almost every professional who wants to work abroad. There are office jobs, hospital jobs, and also jobs that are required on a per-project basis. Most professions needed in project-based opportunities are engineers, architects, and project managers. Paid work projects include construction of building and roads, property development and information technology (IT) projects.

On the other hand, some may even get paid for doing volunteer work abroad. While the work itself may not be paid, volunteers are given allowances to cover their living expenses for their accommodation, food, and travel expenses. Moreover, competition for volunteer work is high; you may need to present supporting documents to prove that you are qualified for the job they require. If you are interested in this kind of volunteer work, you may try to submit an application with organizations like the U.S. Peace Corps and the United Nations.

Working in a Ski Chalet

Another enticing job abroad is working in a ski chalet. If you love the snow, this is the perfect career for you. Job opportunities include working as a chalet manager, chalet chef, and even as housekeeping couple where you can work together with your spouse or partner. Ski chalet job packages usually include travel expenses, accommodation, meals, and a competitive salary.

Working in Private Households

Another popular opportunity in working abroad is working in private households. While the most common job opportunity is a housekeeper or a nanny, other roles include being a house manager, gardener, a private chef, chauffeur, butler, or a domestic caretaker. Some companies hiring for these kinds of jobs even conduct specialized training to ensure quality service for this high demand work. These job opportunities are common in fast-paced busy countries like the USA, Singapore, and Middle Eastern Countries.

Tips to Help You

Patience is one of the key factors to help you adjust to your new life abroad. Here are some tips that may help you adapt well and fast:

• Prepare, research and learn about the culture of the country where you will stay for the coming years so that you know and understand their customs and beliefs.
• Reserve and Save Money. The most common reason for working abroad is to earn more than what you do before. With this in mind, make sure to save money before you go.
• Work on Your Documents. Make sure to research the paper work that you need to work on upon your arrival. This may include visa, insurance and permanent residency requirements.