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10 Awesome Things To Do In Oaxaca

Do you want to go on a trip this summer vacation? Did you plan your destination yet? If not, then here’s a suggestion for you that you can surely visit Oaxaca in Mexico? Many of us might know this place just as the capital of Mexico, yet this city has a lot to offer. This city has beautiful geography which attracts a lot of people all over the year. This place can be your perfect summer holiday destination as the ideal time to visit it generally starts from June to August. Here are 10 awesome things to do in Oaxaca.

10 Things To Do In Oaxaca

Templo de Santo Domingo

If you are in Oaxaca in Mexico, then it would be a miss if you don’t visit Templo de Santo Domingo. This beautiful Baroque Catholic Church was a 16th century kind of architecture. The church’s design is so intricately done both inside and out that it makes the church stand out. This particular church has been used through time immemorial as military barracks and a monastery. Cool, isn’t it!

Walking tour

One of the best things to do in Oaxaca and ways to know a city’s history and essence is by taking walking tours around the city. And when you are in a city like Oaxaca, Mexico, the best way is by taking a walking tour. The guides present in the city will take you out and tell you the city’s interesting historical details. Don’t worry, and there will be many people whom you can befriend in this walking tour.

A day in the Market

If you chose Oaxaca as your vacation destination, apart from doing the daily sight-seeing, you could do one more interesting thing; i.e., take out a day and get lost in Oaxaca markets. If you want to get the real flavor of Mexico, then you must keep a day for the markets itself. In the Market, you will come across various foods that are the famous local cuisines of Oaxaca city and can also buy some souvenirs that you can carry home. Great, isn’t it?

A trip to the Botanical Garden

If you are a nature lover, then the botanical gardens in Oaxaca, Mexico, is just the right place for you. A trip down to the botanical gardens will be the right place for sight-seeing and will help you know different kinds of plants and fauna that are generally considered native to the city of Oaxaca. If you, by any chance, get bored with all the green stuff that you can visit the museum or the cathedral that’s located within walking distance.

Be a part of Temazcal Ceremony

Have you ever been a part of any such ceremony where you clean all your body toxins? I guess not! So, if you want to be part and parcel of such kind of ceremony, then Temazcal Ceremony is just the thing for you. In this ceremony, you can get rid of your body toxins just by sweating it out. If you want a proper traditional body to cleanse that, all you have to do is pay 35 dollars! It would be a fun experience, so what are you waiting for, add it to your list of ‘to-dos’!

Celebrate the Day of the Dead

How many have you have seen the movie COCO? Remember the festival that they celebrated? The day of the dead where people pay respect to their loved ones and celebrate it with a lot of pomp and light. They believe that their ancestors accept their gifts and visit them on this day. If you are in Oaxaca during October – November, you would be lucky to see and be a part of this festival. Parades and the whole town are decorated, and special foods are prepared for Dia de Muertos i.e., the Day of the Dead. So, write this even in your ‘to do’ list and make sure you enjoy it during your stay.

Have all the meat

If you are a meat lover, then Mercado 20 de Noviembre is just the place for you. Actually, this place is Heaven for all meat lovers. If you miss out on this spot, then it would be a huge loss for you. Once you visit this place, you will find it swarming with people from different walks of society. There is a lot on the menu to choose from. Starting from ribs, steak, barbeques, and many more preparations of meat. Due to its immense popularity, you might have to wait for a little till your food gets served. But to be honest, the wait is worth it!

Trip to Mitla

Wanna dig into some ruins? Then the Ruins at Mitla is just the place for you. If you dig, you will find that Mitla was considered one of the religious places around the Oaxaca city. The name Mitla literally means the ‘place of the dead’. Many believe that Mitla has the column of life; that is, if you have your hand wrapped around the column, it will denote how much time you will live.

A sip of hot chocolate

Apart from many other famous things that you can add in your ‘to do’ list while you are in Oaxaca city, getting yourself a cup of hot chocolate is a must. If you miss out on having at least one cup of hot chocolate, you miss a great deal of it.

A trip to Sunday Market

Last but not least, you should definitely for once visit the Sunday market that takes place in Oaxaca. Many people from the countryside come to sell their products. Thus, you can end the week with a little walk down the Sunday market, picking up a few things along the way!


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