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So you have decided to go for your first cruise vacation. You have booked your tickets, all the itinerary has been planned, and your three weeks long (or maybe three months long) vacation is just around the corner. You cannot be more pumped up to embark on this voyage full of luxury and leisure. But packing for cruise differs quite a lot than packing for a normal vacation. And if you haven’t been on a cruise before, then your general idea of packing can give you a hard time after you get onboard a cruise and maritime vessel . However, just having some idea about packing for a cruise trip can make your first cruise experience much more enjoyable. Here are 3 must-follow-tips on how to pack for your cruises, so that you can enjoy your cruise as you were meant to enjoy.

Bag1. Pack a separate carry-on bag with some necessary things

Cruises can be hectic at the beginning, as there are so many passengers and crews and supplies and formalities to worry about. For those reasons, sometimes it might take a little longer for your luggage to arrive at your cabin. And the worst case scenario, somehow your luggage gets misplaced or delivered to a wrong cabin.

Now think about the situation for a moment. In cruise ships, the luggage won’t be delivered by an automatic conveyer belt. Someone needs to collect your luggage and deliver it to your room, and if it gets misplaced, it can take multiple days to sort this thing out. However, unlike a normal vacation, you won’t be able to just visit a shop and buy some clothes for the time being, as you are now sailing across the sea. It can be multiple days before you actually reach the shore.

For these situations, you really need to pack a carry-on bag with things you need immediately. Pack some extra pieces of clothes and underwear in your carry-on itself, so in case of these types of unfortunate events, you don’t get stuck with one set of clothes and underwear.

Dress Code2. Pack according to the dress code

Most cruise ships have their own dress codes. And more importantly, the dress code varies depending on the time of the day, or the kind of events you will be attending. So a cargo trouser with a polo t-shirt and a casual sports jacket can be a solid outfit for just about any time, but you’ll surely be missing out on the dinner on a formal night. Shorts are okay on deck during the daytime, but on ports, it might be considered disrespectful. So make sure you go through the dress codes your cruise line specifically suggests, and pack your clothes accordingly. You will be saving yourself a lot of trouble if you just follow this rule.

Storages3. Bring storages

This might sound a little odd, but many experienced cruisers practically swear by bringing on storage spaces while going on a cruise. You see, normally a cruise is quite long, so people tend to pack quite a lot of things. Now the cruise ship cabins, albeit luxurious, they aren’t particularly as spacious as a hotel room. So many small items that you carry like your charger, your toiletries, your jewellery, even your gadgets can easily get misplaced or make a mess out of your cabin.

To save yourself from this problem, just bring some extra boxes with you on board. Even some over the door shoe boxes will do. Put your smaller items and things in those boxes and label them if necessary. This way your cabin will be organised, and nothing will get lost. Also bring some foldable duffel bags to fill up with souvenirs, or just your pile of dirty clothes.


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