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5 of the Best Places to have a White Christmas

Nearly everyone dreams of a white Christmas! For those who live in the tropical or arid parts of our world, a white Christmas is often something yearned for with great longing. Visions of powdery white snow, real Christmas trees, warm glowing fires and streets and markets festooned with twinkling lights and decorations can seem like a true Christmas wonderland.

Napapiiri, Lapland

If you have ever had a white Christmas fantasy, Lapland is the place to go. With two theme parks dedicated to St Nicholas, families travel from all over Europe and the world to visit the Santa Claus Village and the Santa Claus Park and to view the remarkable ice sculptures. You can wander around the quaint shops and experience Christmas tradition and yuletide like nowhere else. Fringed by the Arctic Circle and surrounded by scenic snowy backdrops with a hint of the northern lights, this is a true white Christmas experience.

Lake Placid, New York, USA

Surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains, here you will definitely see twinkling snowflakes falling from above. Having the honour of hosting two Winter Olympics, you can try your skill at many winter sports activities. You can also see the bob sled and luge where Olympians raced at terrifying speeds through these courses. There are many restaurants, bars and shops all decked out for Christmas to browse through.

Caribou, Maine, USA

This spectacularly beautiful rural area is filled with flowers of all colours and the greenest pastures in the spring. In winter, snowfields will stretch for miles, coating the entire town in a soft blanket of powdery snow. Christmas is a vibrant time with the Caribou Snowman Parade, Christmas tree lighting and Santa’s workshop. This is a popular destination for lovers of snow sports.

Rovaniemi, Finland

If you want to immerse yourself in Christmas spirit, make sure you visit Santa Claus Village. There is always plenty of snow in this winter wonderland. Here you can sample gingerbread at Mrs Claus’ kitchen or see how the elves are trained at Elf School. You can also take a sleigh ride around the charming shops.

Fairbanks, Alaska

With temperatures plummeting to minus 14, Fairbanks can lay claim to having snow on the ground every Christmas for the past 30 years. With the average daily temperature rising to only 4 degrees, that won’t deter Christmas revellers from joining in the activities and listening to the wonderful Symphony orchestras that will charm you throughout the Christmas holidays. Join a tour to North Pole, a short 20 minute drive away, and see the Christmas In Ice sculptures. Here local and international sculptors create amazing ice slides, a maze and a kid’s park. Try you skills at Mt Aurora Skiland where you might be lucky enough to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis.

A white Christmas can be a truly memorable experience. Have a look at this site for some ideas on where to spend Christmas. Trampling through white snow that transforms a landscape into a winter wonderland will be an amazing experience. Standing beneath large snowflakes as they fall from above and wandering leisurely through Christmas themed twinkling markets is something that will leave you in awe.

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