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5 Destinations to Inspire a Getaway to the Coast

Planning a trip can be a whole lot of work sometimes, but once you find the perfect spot for your getaway it will all be worth it! These breathtaking getaway destinations, with their romantic scenery, are a must visit and deserve a spot in your bucket list.


Home to one of Europe’s best beaches, Bournemouth boasts of its seven-mile coastline sparkling with golden, sandy beach. What makes people come back to the stunning coast and enjoy all recreational activities is its sunny weather, perfect for an ice cream party! When you head down, accommodation is not an issue as there are plenty of hotels and B&B’s available at a variety of prices to suit your budget.

For a full-blast experience, here are some specific activities you can enjoy on your trip at Bournemouth:

• Walk through time on a 185-million year Jurassic Coast, named as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Stroll around the stunning coast and vividly picture the time when there were actually dinosaurs on land with its monumental scenery.
• A never-ending adventure for sports enthusiasts! Beach volleyball, table tennis, and badminton, are some sports-friendly games you can enjoy on land. Boulder rocks are also perfect for bodybuilders to practice their climbing.
• Have fun at the sea, with surfing and zip wiring, where you get to experience the top view of the pier to shore. Stay up late at night for a beach party and explore Bournemouth’s pubs and bars.

Le Marche, Italy

Located along the Adriatic Coast, Le Marche is often overlooked by tourists but has actually more to offer with its picturesque beaches. If you’re on a mission to find a quieter, inspiring getaway, beaches at Le Marche can give you the perfect relaxation. Not to mention, it has over 20 clean and safe beaches for some fun swimming in the pristine waters and sun tanning to complete the escapade. Not only that, but Le Marche also boasts a number of gorgeous villas of varying sizes to suit your parties needs.

Here are some activities you can do during your stay at the Le Marche coast:

• Explore, relax, and swim at Le Marche’s beaches. Some of the best ones are located near Mount Conero in Ancona Province. If you have kids during your trip, beaches of Fano and Pesaro are some of the top picks.
• A long list of entertainment and other recreational activities are also a must for adults.
• Try the Marchegiana cuisine! Italy is known for its iconic food, especially pizza. At Le Marche, food lovers will never run out of delectable choices.


Known as a resort town on French Riviera, Cannes has its chic and charming impression to tourists looking for a simpler, natural and sophisticated touch. It is also best-known for its International Film Festival where recent films all over the world are given the spotlight.

Discover more of Cannes with this to-do-list in your travel:

Cannes Yachting festival is also popular as the International Film Festival. It runs every September held at the Vieux Port (the Old Port) and the Port Pierre Canto.
• Visit the Cannes’ Marché Forville and get to experience the French market.
• Go sightseeing. Cannes has plenty of tourist spots with historical background to visit. Notre-dame d’espérance and Musée de la castre are some great medieval pieces of architecture to look forward to in Cannes.

Santorini, Greece

Explore beaches made of volcanic sand and pebbles in Santorini. Expect incredible geographic features from exploring its natural wonders – crystal clear water, steep cliffs on shore and the famous Red beach composed of black and red volcanic pebbles and hot water.

Best things to do during your stay:

• Find the perfect beach resort located at Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos.
• Enjoy activities like boat tours, wine tasting, and hiking.

Stari Grad, Croatia

Wander around the uncrowded, peaceful historical town of Stari Grad. Ancient cities like Hvar island is perfect for travelers who want a long walk through time and explore its historical monuments just near the coast.

Here’s more of what you can do during your stay:

• What to visit: church monuments such as Dominican monastery built in 1482, St. Stephan church, St. Ivan church, and many other sites where you can also find galleries of paintings, statues, old books, and even some remains of the old age.
• Enjoy the warm, sunny days with plenty of beaches to choose from. Lanterna beach, Banj beach and hotel beach have one thing in common – they are built with pebble cove and paved squares.

Start planning your next beach escapade today. Consider the recommended tourist spots above and get ready for an exciting adventure.


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