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7 Most Amazing Places to Party in Mexico

If you are looking for a perfect chilled out holiday on the shores of the sea, then Mexico, the Latin American nation, has a lot to offer to people like you. It will be a crime If I forget to mention some of the best places to party in Mexico. The Mexicans have a great sense of fun. So they are partying hard, too, and you are never going to forget them if you visit those places. Locals, travelers from all over the world, and the local cuisine make an excellent experience for you in Mexico. You will have the time of your life if you travel to Mexico.

7 Most Amazing Places to Party in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, resort town situates on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco. It’s acknowledged for its water sports, beaches and nightlife scene. The resort town has streets made up of cobblestone. The roads also have pubs around them on both sides. The resort town also gives travelers an excellent view of the Bahia de Banderas ocean. You can enjoy the beach or stroll around town in the morning, but real fun kicks in at night.


Cancun is famous for its numerous resorts, nightlife, and beaches. During the spring break, the streets of this Mexican city become crowded. The beaches on the Caribbean Sea side are jam-packed as travelers come in. If you’re a party person, then Cancun is your place. Because it has some of the best nightlife options in Mexico, this place can easily make your day and night all look the same. With your school buddies or office colleagues, you have a good reason to visit this place.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, also bordering the Caribbean Sea, has now become a popular travel destination for travelers. This Mexican city locates in the south of another famous town, Cancun. Despite this, Playa del Carmen has its tourists who are looking forward to sharing two or three drinks with their buddies. The city is modern with other places to party in Mexico. It has luxury resorts to accommodate international travelers. Some travelers might say this place isn’t that big. But don’t let you fool yourself. You’re going to have the best time if you visit this place.

Mexico City

Mexico is, and has always been, the sun in the Mexican Solar System. Perhaps the number one party location in the entire Central American nation. The capital of the land, Mexico City, is a must-visit place for all travelers, especially young explorers. This place is the epitome of the nightlife in the whole country. Once you visit this area, I can say, without a doubt, that you wouldn’t want to go to other places to party in Mexico. There is no shortage of options for travelers like us who just want to make the best use of time by having a party. If you’re going to visit Mexico City, you should keep your energy drinks ready to enjoy those nights.


Like the Caribbean Sea side of Cancun, Acapulco is one of the favorite destinations for travelers to visit Cancun. The beach here can give you a break you’ve been looking for since the beginning. The place may have lost tourists in comparison to the past. But, still, the locals and the Mexican teenagers are coming here in large numbers. The party scene here is the same for all ages of people. In the party options, you will find people of every age, starting with the young guns to adults. Like Puerto Vallarta, the nightlife seems to get stuck in time, when you start enjoying this as much as the locals do. Culinary scenes here are exploding, and a cultural renaissance is thriving. On top of that, Acapulco makes a delightful experience. It is an excellent place for travelers who are trying to find places to party in Mexico.


Close to the United States of America, Tijuana is a metropolitan city in the Central American country. Tijuana, the massive town, situates in the North-Western part of Mexico. The place has limitless options for sightseeing and tours. Yes, without a doubt, it has excellent opportunities for drinks and dance as well. The nightlife is so famous that travelers here come just to spend a night on their way. The dynamic nature of the city and its people has made Tijuana famous for Mexican cuisine too. Mexicans from different parts of the country also visit this place year after year. The nightlife here also entices international travelers to make a plan for this place for a short period of visit.


Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Latin America. It is the cultural capital of Mexico by the majority of locals and travelers. For people who like to party, it is imperative to mention that this place is the place of Tequila, a distilled beverage made up of blue agave plants. Locals here, too, have a great love of music. This place is the home of the music of Mariachi. Mariachi is a genre of Mexican regional music that dates back to the 18th century.

The cosmopolitan capital of Jalisco also offers a variety of nightlife attractions. The city offers travelers a lifetime of experience, which makes it hard to forget. The locals who belong to Guadalajara are some of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet in Mexico. They love having fun and having a party like us. They are very welcome to all international tourists. Visit the wonderful Avenida Chapultepec for a variety of dining and nightlife options that only the La Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City has to offer.

Altogether, Mexico, the Latin American nation, has some of the best places to party that is never a doubt. The country has something to offer for everyone’s taste. But still, I would suggest you to not take my words for it, and you, yourself, can book the ticket and enjoy.


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