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A Greek Tragedy

Greece as a travel destination couldn’t be more appealing, with its history, art, culture,

natural beauty, and food, but Greece as an investment destination? It’s seen better days.

Sure, you can put your money wherever you want, but as is evidenced by the air show
that is the stock market, what happens in one country can impact life overseas. While
not to delve to deeply into the true benefits/drawbacks of the Euro and the Euro zone, it
would seem the flaws in any system are tested when times are at their worst – no system
is perfect, after all. As travellers you really can’t beat having a common currency instead
of switching every time you move, but as a nation state you feel as if a part of your
sovereignty is sacrificed to achieve this. They say the leading cause of divorces is issues
with finances? Apply that to an international scale and well… it’s scary.


What you do have control over is where you vacation. When a country makes it into
international headlines, it is always a good idea to take notice if for nothing else than to
be aware. Does this mean you should avoid Greece or other similarly troubled countries
at all costs? Not necessarily, because nothing could come of it and that doesn’t mean
other countries not on the ‘list’ are perfectly fine.

The flip side to this, is that a huge number of tourists flocking to an area would be an
excellent revenue stream – just the sort of thing a troubled economy could use to make it
through the tough times. Of course if the country does go under and riots break out, you
don’t really want to be caught in the middle. So what do you do?

Well, that’s what makes it tragic.

You can sit back and do nothing and hope it all sorts itself out, which means cancelling/
avoiding Greece for the time being, or you can just say ‘whatever’ and go on with
whatever plans you had. Eventually this whole thing will get sorted out but it could get
very ugly in the interim. If you do elect to travel to the area, be sure to do all those things
you roll your eyes at and never do, such as register with your home country’s embassy
and have a way to contact the outside world.

Why worry about these things that probably won’t come to pass? Why can’t you just go
off and have a good time? Why can’t you do both? That’s the answer – do both. You will
probably be fine, so go have a good time. If you are the kind that worries about end of
days scenarios, pick some place less high-media profile so you won’t worry and you can
enjoy it. Otherwise, keep all of this in the back of your mind so you don’t get screwed.
Yes, it sucks that affairs of state had to meddle in your good time but that’s life.

And that’s why it’s a tragedy.


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