A step by step guide to find cheap flats for rent anywhere in India

The housing prices have escalated so much today that it is very difficult to find a rented space according to ones convenience and budget.  For a person who has just started their journey in the corporate world after college, a lot of the money goes in paying the rent, if one does not belong to the city of one’s work. Adding to that is the travel cost, food cost and other daily expenses. In the end one does not have any spare cash for oneself after paying all the bills. The prices for housing, is sky high in metro cities due to the heavy demand but lack of space. Now smaller towns are also following suit.

If you are a newbie at house hunting, this guide will help you in finding a house for cheap. If you are searching for a flat for rent in Patna or in Delhi or right down in Kochi, these rules hold true all over the country.

Start searching for Listings online– In this digital era, searching for flats has become easier. One can sit at home and look at a variety of options just at the click of a button. Look at various websites online. Many website come with the photos of the house and other description like the size of the house (1bhk, 2bhk etc), area of the house, amenities provided, and rent amount expected. Once can also filter flats based on the location, size, amenities, and rental fees. Additional ‘Just Dial’ too can be of great help when looking for rented apartments. Also use ‘Facebook’ for finding houses. There are a lot of groups on Facebook that help and give out listings for houses.  Shortlist the ones you like and call up the concerned person.

Friends and Family- Also it is wise to ask your friends, family and colleagues to let you know if they come across any flats for rent. Also ask them to pass on some contacts of brokers they know or have used in the past. Contacts work like magic especially when house hunting.

Brokers: Brokers are a good way to go in India because they have a wide variety of legit options that will fit your requirements. Remember not everyone puts up their house listings online. Some prefer the conventional route for safety and transparency; especially in case of smaller towns and villages. If you get the contact numbers of the brokers, give them a call. Tell them about your budget, locality of preference and set up an appointment immediately.  Sometimes finding the right house will happen faster with the help of a broker.

Take a tour: One you have shortlisted the houses online visit each place. Same is the case if you are going through a broker. After confirming an appointment, set aside a whole day and visit the places. There is a good chance that initially you will see many places that you do not like. Be persistent and keep the search on. Do not settle for anything less. This process takes a lot of some. Sometimes weeks and can even go up to a month. When hunting for housing patience is the key.

Bargain- Once you decide on the house you like, see if it suits your budget and if the price asked is reasonable. If you think the landlord is being unreasonable, do not hesitate to tell him the price you are willing to pay. If there is a broker involved, communicate with him and let him do the negotiations on your part.

Hope these tips help you in finding the right apartment.



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