Hello there,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gael, I’m the wandering soul who looks after this site and it is here that you can check out the chronicle of my times living and learning abroad. I grew up in Canada as the product of a Chilean nationalist in exile and a Russian dancer… an interesting past I am sadly ignorant of in any greater detail.

For those of you interested in my story and my experience know that it is one that is continually evolving, taking new shape with each passing day, every person I meet and every adventure I embark on. When I started this I was just a guy moving through life without any real direction but it is through my writings that I find I’m able to find purpose – and that purpose is to learn the wisdom of ages long past by living in as many manners possible. Sometimes this is by doing something crazy like going remote and isolating myself from the basic necessities, while other times I will do something utterly pedestrian – hey, it’s all a part of the journey!

So join me why don’t you as I embark on a path of self discovery through the cliche and the unique, where I know with each step I take I’m closer to figuring out where I belong in these Half Deserted Streets.



(wow… was that as cheesy as I think it was? Okay I PROMISE I’m not that lame… I hope)



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