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People called the Madrid as the golden metropolis. No city on the planet will not be more energetic than Madrid, which sends the world a message, that the city knows how to live really. Art lovers find the place as the best holiday destination for them, as the city boasts its artistic nature from centuries. Madrid attractions architecture will not be shortened in-front of the monumental history of the Rome and Paris.

Madrid attractions

Spending the nights in Madrid is the perfect compliment for the charming Madrid attractions. Madrid always welcomes everyone for its adventurous nightlife to swept among the people with dancing on the streets until dawn. Here are some beautiful Madrid attractions that everyone must explore once in their life:

  • Royal Palace of Madrid:

The palace is the formal residence of the Spanish Royal Family, but it is now only used for royal ceremonies. The palace is the architectural wonder among the Madrid attractions. Many visitors across the world visit the palace every year. Many monuments and objects belong to kings and queens are displayed in the gallery of the palace.

Madrid attractions

The official tour of the palace is guided by the guides who lead through 50 rooms of the palace. The ground floor displays the Royal library, armory, grand staircase. The first floor has the queen’s apartments and banqueting hall.

  • Buen Retiro Park:

One of the most beautiful parks of the Madrid city. This Madrid attraction is deranged with the marble monuments, harvested lawns and an occasionally used Cristal palace, magnificent metal-glass architectural monument. The park is abundant of greenery which comes alive on weekends.

Madrid attractions

People consider this Madrid attraction as one of their favorite places. On Sundays, from the afternoon, people started to gather in crowds and dances spread across the park. Boats can be rented and rowed in the lake.

  • Queen Sofia Museum:

The museum abodes the Picasso’s famous artworks including Guernica. Artists find the museum as the utmost among Madrid attractions. There are many shops to shop and a central bookstore with an exotic collection of books. The museum serves the visitors with two café restaurants.

Madrid attractions

  • Prado Museum:

Prado museum is considered as the world’s premier art galleries to have one of the world’s most admirable collections. The museum holds over 8200 drawings, 4800 prints, 1000 sculptures and 7000 paintings which increase its beauty among the Madrid attractions.

Madrid attractions

The bronze statue of the Prado at the main entrance brings the charm to the museum instantly. Many documents of the museum will be keeping for auction and there is a beautiful bookstore inside the museum with the finest collection of the books of history.

  • La Latina & Lavapies:

One of the most visited Madrid attractions among all of the city beauties. The place has the city’s best collection of tapas bars, small and fine boutiques and elegant churches. Lavapies is the city’s one of the oldest districts and it is the heart of the Madrid’s multicultural system.

Madrid attractions

These streets are packed with the vacation rentals and hotels at cheaper rates. Every visitor to the city will visit the place and experience the other side of the Madrid and complete the journey.

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