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Baracoa: An Island paradise You have not seen

It is isolated geographically which is now discovered by the is surrounded by number of beaches and rainforest. On the the most important and visible local landmark is a table-topped hill called El Yunque.

You can get there by flying Gustavo Rizo Airport, which handles small and medium-sized planes, or by driving a rental car along the Moa-Baracoa highway or the La Farola viaduct, which links Baracoa with regions to the is called centre of sight seeing and beautiful sites. The main attraction is the mountains which seems stupendous for people who love nature.

Baracoa is a little and very compact city so walking will be the primary form of transportation avaliable in-town. Regular taxis can be hired when required.

The fast-flowing River, palm tress, coconut tress and the Yunque of Baracoa a high mountain can be seen from far out at sea.It also includes the largest rainforests in Cuba, which contain precious wood trees and several valuable species of animals and many people believe that Woodpeckers which has been declared extinct, still live there.
The main activities of Baracoa include sunbathing and swimming at the beach in complete privacy or boating on any of the rivers present there. So, it is a good place for relaxation and rest.

The forever stretching beaches and waves seen as a place to go to escape all the pressures and worries of life. There is no better place for a walk and splashing in the sea with the waves lapping at your feet. This beach never loses its inherent beauty. To look around and to see the beauty of nature is one of the favorite vacation destination of people which Baracoa caters to. The three great elemental sounds which are found here are the sound of wind, sound of rain and the sound of ocean on a beach.

It is famous for chocolate and coconut because it has a tropical rainforest climate which allows chocolate to grow very well. Baracoa chocolate is seen aound at every corner of the street.

Most of the time the weather remains hot but couple of times, it can be surprisingly cool. It has colorful streets, residents and waterfont life. Baracoa has developed a bohemian, artistic galleries and art.

One of the best vacation destination, seaside village of Baracoa has develpoed into towns with beautiful and myriad galleries, upcoming restaurants and a salsa palace.
One of the charms of Baracoa is its remarkable diversity and a longer stay which offers spectacular lift up mountains.

Adventure travelers will love lush baracoa at the eastern edge of caribbean island.

You will feel pride once you finish your trip successfully. Overcoming adventure will bring out zeal and joy in you. By being exposed to new places, you’ll develop a wider world view and it opens your mind. If you love nature, you will find beauty in every corner of Baracoa. A relaxing setting with good weather is what you will get on a trip to Baracoa.


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