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Beauty & Nature in Chania


Crete has long been a popular holiday destination with British tourists, thanks to its beautiful scenery, fantastic beaches and lively nightlife. Chania is a popular resort on the island, but the fantastic thing in my opinion is that it’s close enough to the noise if you want it, and far enough away if you don’t. Win-win all round.

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Chania is a beautiful resort, with an imposing mountainous background. Thankfully the transfer from airport to resort is a thankfully short one, which I certainly think helps in soaring summer temperatures!

The city itself is a wonderful contradiction, with two very distinct sides to it – the ultra-modern part of town and the charming old part of town, with its winding alleyways and buildings. I’d recommend exploring both, just to see the complete difference between the two.

Nature is very much the centre-point of a holiday in Chania, and I’d suggest remembering comfortable shoes, and getting out and exploring. The area is popular with walkers, as there are many trails to follow, through stunning scenery and wildlife. If you’re feeling energetic, hire a bike and cycle your way through instead, but either way, it’s a definite camera break.

For me, summer holidays are about the beach, and Crete overall has some stunning ones. You won’t have to travel far to find one. Lively Malia, known for its loud night-life, has some popular beaches, but bear in mind that they may be full of party-goers recovering from the night before.

Exploring the area is definitely something I’d recommend, whether you get out and about on public transport, or hire a car. Many excursions will take you to Samaria Gorge, famous as being the longest in Europe. Alternatively, I’d definitely recommend a boat trip, not only to accelerate that tan, but also as this is a wonderful opportunity to view the island from a different standpoint, and the coastline is simply beautiful.

When night falls, Chania is a varied destination. I’d recommend visiting a traditional Greek restaurant and sampling a few local ouzos. There are many international menus around, so if traditional cuisine isn’t for you, you won’t go hungry, however whilst you’re there, give it a try! Moussaka is the traditional Greek dish, as well as delicious baklava to finish off.

If you’re looking for a lively clubbing holiday, you’re probably better off heading to Malia, Crete’s liveliest resort in terms of night-life, however Chania offers plenty in terms of entertainment, without being overly raucous.

A holiday in Crete can be anything you want it to be – loud, quiet, laid-back, or energetic, however be sure to start your break in the most rested way possible. By remembering my tip about airport extras. As before, you’ll find a range at most large airports, such as Luton Airport parking, when flying regionally.
Loud or quiet, whatever you want, but Chania’s charm is hard to ignore.


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