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The Best Campervan and Caravan Holidays Around the World


One of the joys of visiting France aside from its wealth of attractions and history is exploring the highways and byways of France on the wheels at your very own pace and time, going wherever you fancy. Hiring a campervan gives you that amazing flexibility and freedom or you may even consider some of the French caravans for sale if you think it is the kind of trips you will make each year. It also happens to be cheaper than renting a car and staying in hotels. It offers you an opportunity to interact with other travelers along your route and form a fleet of campervans out to explore the best of France.

While enjoying your campervan tour of France you will have the advantage of free French camping where you can pull over on the site of your choice, pitch a tent and camp for days before hitting the road again. There are also designated areas where you can park your campervan along with other travelers and enjoy exploring the regions you come across. A campervan experience in France gives you an opportunity to see much more than if you remained in hotels or other fixed accommodations.


The UK is full of historical treasures and beautiful varied landscapes that can best be explored on a road trip in the comfort of a campervan. Gone are the days when campervans were for hippies and backpackers: modern campervans are spacious installed with modern amenities and families are happily embracing campervan experiences.

Campervan hire in Scotland or England is one of the most affordable ways of exploring ancient Britain while pulling over at the most alluring sites to get a closer view and break off from the monotony of the roads. Campervans give you the freedom of being on the road and also camping at designated areas where you meet and make new friends. Whether you want a historical tour, food tour, cultural tours or if you just want to enjoy the quintessential English countryside a campervan experience will lead you to discover more than if you chose to stay in one fixed destination.


The land down under is packed with adventures especially for road travelers; it is as easy as renting a campervan and hitting the road to the thrilling yonder which is the Australian experience. You will enjoy spotting the poisonous creatures hiding inconspicuously behind the rocks. It can be so much fun if you are travelling with family or friends exploring the mysteries of the great land down under.

After a long day on the road you can pull over for some clean fresh air, open air cooking, dining under the stars and sleeping as you listen the crackling of the camp fire. For the quintessential desert experience you can drive over to Uluru and be amazed by the wild rocky environments. A trip to the Class of the air will open up your children to see how outback kids get educated while along the way you will spot kangaroos in their natural habitat. A campervan experience in Australia is truly wholesome and exciting.


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