Best Hidden Gems in Tasmania

When traveling, we tend to go to the foremost famous places and sometimes overlook those hidden gems the country boasts. Tasmania is found off the coast of Australia and is that the country’s solely island state. The island is gorgeous, however there are quite few hidden surprises if you know where to look.

Bruny Island

The Neck, Bruny IslandLess than an hour from Hobart, you’ll catch a ferry to Bruny Island. the little island is gorgeous. You can enjoy fishing, beaches and artisan food around the island. There are very few people who live on the island year round, but plenty of culture, all the same. If you’re wishing to unwind, relax and clear your mind, Bruny Island is the good destination for you.

Remarkable Cave, Tasman Peninsula

The Remarkable Cave is found near Port Arthur. It isn’t quite a cave, but more of a tunnel through the rock face. The cave was created by erosion and is a fascinating place to visit. The area is also a good place for surfing. Australia boasts a great number of stunning natural formations, the Remarkable Cave is one of them.

Salamanca Market

Salamanca MarketHobart features a busy market every Saturday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Over 300 market stalls selling food, art and coffee are set up at Salamanca Place. The market caters to both tourists and locals, but remains one of the best places to spend a Saturday morning, even if you are short on cash.

Lake Margaret Power Station

Located near Queenstown, Lake Margaret Power Station is a tourist destination that shows you what life was like before. The power station features a living museum focused on its heyday and a water pipeline that is still in use. Visitors can also go into the power station to get a closer look at the equipment.

Allendale Gardens and Rainforest Walks

Allendale GardensYou will realize Allendale Gardens close to Smithton. The gardens feature a good vary of unimaginable flowers and trees collected from around the world, likewise as peacocks wandering the grounds. A private forest of fern glades and ancient trees stands next to the gardens and is ideal for a day stroll. There is also a tea house on the grounds for enjoying a light lunch.

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