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Best Tourist Destination – Istanbul, Turkey

If your travel list consists of exclusive churches and mosques, then Istanbul is just apt for you. Istanbul host large number of best tourist destinations that definitely worth your effort and time.

In the map of the world where you can locate Europe meetings Asia, lies a wonderful place named Istanbul. The country is an excellent blend of churches, old mosques and markets. This not at all means that the nation won’t welcome you with modern restaurants and night clubs.

To help you enjoy your vacations to its fullest extent it is equipped with all modern amenities like galleries, night clubs and up-to-date restaurants. Best of all is the Hamman (traditional Turkish bath) at a very nominal rate of $20. All these wonderful features make Istanbul as one of the best destinations amongst the globe trotters. The gems that make it a must-visit place are,

Best Tourist Destinations in Istanbul

Aya Sofya

It is one of the famous churches of the Istanbul hat carries endless stories of history about the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. The surroundings of the church is being marvelously maintained procuring the remains of the past. It was converted into a museum in the 20th century and since then it has maintained the dignity of being one of the landmarks of the country.

Topkapi Palace

If you want to peep into some exclusive glimpses of Islamic art, then this is the right place for you. You will see intricate hand painted tile work, decorated rooms, battlemented walls and towers. Harem makes the place worth visit where people love to spend their whole day. Along with this you will find some rare collection of glittering gold objects and precious gems to remain in your memories later. You need a half day to see the entire Topkapi Palace.

Blue Mosque (Sulatan Ahmet Camii)

This beautiful mosque is the architectural gift to the country. The mosque consists of 6 minarets same as at the Great Mosque of Mecca. The marvellous interior decoration which is the specimen of the finest Ottoman architecture makes the place as a must visit place and should occupy a place in the itinerary. Dusk prayer echoes add-on to the tranquility of the place.

Basilica Cistern

This is an underground hall that is supported by the 336 columns in 12 rows. These columns depict classical structures and mesmerising decorative carvings.


The place boosted public life with scenes of splendid games and chariot races. You will see a small section of gallery walls on the south side, whereas at park you can see a variety of monuments. To refresh your visit there is a fountain to add-on to the beauty of the place and making it fall under the category of one of the best destinations of the world.

Spice Bazaar

If you are among those foodies who love to taste different flavors, then Istanbul’s spice market is the place for you. You will find dried fruits, nuts, and herbs and spice here. The Ottoman government spends the taxes that it collects is spent on the maintenance of this Bazaar. Due to its exclusive spices the market remains over crowded, so it’s better to visit the Bazaar before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m.

Pack a picnic and go head. Good Luck!


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