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The Best Travel Apps with Maps

Getting around in a foreign city or country can be challenging. Your GPS may be slow to work or it may not work at all. To make sure that you always know exactly where you’re going – and exactly how to get there, you need to do a little planning before you go. Luckily, there are many apps that make travelling easier. Here are some of the best travel apps with maps, to ensure that your next trip goes off without a hitch.

Best Travel App

Need a detailed map? Then the Best Travel app is your ideal choice. Thankfully, you only have to pay for the app once, rather than for each individual map you need to look at. Best of all, this handy app stores the maps that you need on your phone. So, whether or not you have Wi-Fi or data available, everything you need is right there! There are thousands of zoomable maps available, plus highlighted points of interest, and even travel guides. This map app has a little bit of everything!

The Snow Report

There is more than one kind of map app. It isn’t just about finding your way through the busy streets…it also has to do with the snow! This next app, the Snow Report, focuses on snowy areas to avoid (or head to, if you’re going skiing!). Plus, there are detailed trail maps available. They can help you get back to your hotel or accommodations for the night as easily as possible. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it is totally free.

submainNew York Subway App

Getting around in New York can be a little complicated. Make it simpler by having the New York Subway map downloaded on your phone. It has a map of the city, all of the major stations, helps you plan your route, and even gives you a street view of the major stations. It makes getting around the Big Apple easier than ever.

Localipedia App

You need detailed maps to get around. This next app for your smart phone or tablet is the Localipedia App. It includes maps for many different local areas as well as Wikipedia articles about the place you’re visiting. That means there is tons of helpful information about where you’re staying, right at the touch of a button. This app is also free to download, so you won’t even have to spend extra cash to learn more about your favourite travel destinations.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking App

Another map app you can’t do without? The AlpineQuest GPS Hiking App. This is ideal for travellers that like to hike and see the world. This isn’t your typical map…this super useful phone app can be used to target your location and guide you back to your starting point. It can also let you know about the terrain you are approaching. These maps can also be saved on your phone, so they don’t rely on having a signal to work. This is one way to stay safe – and know exactly where you’re going.

Travel smart by having map apps downloaded to your phone before you go anywhere. Not only are they useful but they can keep you safe, too. Don’t spend your vacation getting lost and stressing out. Enjoy it from start to finish!


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