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Book 2014 Holidays to Get Good Deals

Trying to get a good deal on your holiday is never easy, but I think one of the best ways to cut down costs is to book a long time in advance. With 2013 just around the corner, it is worth looking at trips in 2014, as you could see yourself get a bargain.

To make your job easier, I’ve put together some reasons why arranging your holiday for more than a year in advance could be the best way you can save cash on your luxury adventure.

1)    Flights selling seats early

If you’re planning to fly somewhere, you are likely to find that lots of airlines reduce their prices on tickets that are 12 months in the future. Therefore, if you wait till new year, you could see that the price of flights at the beginning of 2014 is relatively low.

The reason airlines tend to do this is because they want to guarantee they will be able to fill some seats early on before they put the standard price on their tickets. This is particularly the case for far-flung destinations where the demand isn’t always high.

2)    Cruises want to fill spaces

For a similar reason, cruise lines also often decide to cut the price of tickets on their ships if you buy a long time before they are due to leave the dock. They want to be certain that they can fill their places, which is why they give holidaymakers an incentive to choose them over other firms or routes.

That is why it is worth looking out for particularly good Celebrity cruise deals or offers with another operator, as you could pick up a great price on your cruise. If you’re planning a big trip and it would have normally been out of your price range, this could be your opportune moment to get those tickets! I know that’s exactly what I would do.

3)    Maintain 2013 prices

Lots of tour operators will try to pull in customers at this time of the year by offering trips in the future that are guaranteed at the same price as they are now.

As we all know, time seems to fly past us, and it’ll be 2014 before we know it, so it’s quite a good idea to book a trip now at the standard prices currently available, and just spend the next 12 months or so looking forward to your holiday without having to worry about booking it nearer the time of your departure.

4)    Save money in the meantime

Ok, so this tip doesn’t really help you get a deal on a holiday you’ll take in 2014, but, if you follow this advice, you will be able to accrue a lot more money to spend on your trip.

Indeed, I think one of the best things about booking a break so far in advance is that you can spend the time concentrating on saving up for it. You no longer have to pay for your deposit (as you’ve already done that), so you can just put some cash aside every month solely for your trip. This can help to pay for the rest of the holiday or you can use it as spending money so you can really enjoy yourself when you do finally embark on your adventure.


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