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Clubbers’ Rules

Clubbing has changed over the last 10 years. Where once those heading out for a bit of revelry in Manchester City centre could down a few jars in the Northern Quarter and amble on to Sankeys Soap on a whim, they now have to book tickets online a month in advance just to get a chance of going to the Warehouse Project.

Dance music has also changed. Gone are the tribal days of all being in it together, escaping the law and putting on parties in the darkest depths of the city in the Acid House days. Now’s it’s all EDM and the likes of David Guetta playing to packed out arenas.

But some things never change. Like the rules of clubbing, even when you’re abroad. There are just some things you should always do and some no no’s – remember, even though you may be on vacation, it’s no reason to let go of your manners or club etiquette.

Be kind to your taxi man

Just because you’ve made a load of new friends in a packed out sweaty dance floor and you’ve danced for hours. It doesn’t mean the taxi man wants to get the tunes pumped up as soon as you throw your sweaty frame in the back of his cab. Be nice, chat about him. How longs he been on for. What time does he finish. Has he got a good deal on a cheap taxi insurance quote, that kind of thing. And when you stop for cash, maybe buy him a Twix; he’d like that.

In the club

But what about when you’re inside the club? Here are just a few things to get you started.


  • Yes those in their 30s still go out clubbing. Don’t stare.


  • Drunk people having a good time on the dance floor tend to jostle a bit. Drinks can get spilt, someone may stand on your pristine new trainers. Get used to it and start enjoying yourself. And why did you wear your fresh out the box trainers anyway?


  • If you feel the need to update your Facebook status, check in when you first arrive, and tweet your friends about how “amazing” it is. You probably really don’t think it’s amazing do you?


  • Don’t ask the DJ for requests. You’re not at someone’s 21st. He’s there to pick the tunes, not you.


  • Don’t push in. The queue to get it was ridiculous, the one for the bar isn’t much better and don’t even get us started on the toilets. Come on we’re all in this together.


  • Think about clubbing etiquette. It’s really annoying when you’re feeling the flow and working it on the dance floor just for someone to barge past you. Don’t push. Politely place your hand on that person’s shoulder and ask if you can get past. It’s nice to be nice.


  • At the end of the night, when you get out into the cold air remember to be pleasant to those handing out flyers. No one wants to stand outside a club and deal with snotty students and partygoers. If they hand you a flyer, take one and don’t throw it down on the ground 3 seconds later.

Remember, guys; love each other. It’s tough out there.


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