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A Couple More Tips for Traveling Solo

Traveling solo can be a wonderful decision that will allow a traveller to really learn a lot about themselves and a new travel location. Going to a place on one’s own means that the experience will be authentically theirs and that they will not have to take a back seat to anyone else’s ideas of what the trip can or will be. Of course with this opportunity for personalized fun comes the additional burden of watching out for ones own safety and generating a good time for themselves. A couple tips that a solo traveler might heed, include.

72_518534655811_3946_nConnecting with other Travellers

One of the great joys of being a solo traveler is spontaneously connecting to other travelers. On your own, you will find that you have new reserves of confidence and ability to start speaking to people you don’t know. Being outside of one’s usual routines and comfort zones has the effect of making them much more apt to speak to others in order to find someone to share their experience of a new place with. If you really are shy to meet strangers you can consider looking into some websites that help facilitating meeting people while traveling. A few good suggestions include – which creates a variety of different meet ups for travelers and non travellers in cities – and couch surfing – which beyond its accommodation function also has meet up groups – and – which even matches travelers by personality and interest compatibility.

Challenge Yourself to do New Things

While you are having this experience on your own, it is the perfect chance to try some new things. Being away from friends and family, who probably have a very definite image of who you are, provides the chance to act in ways you usually don’t. Also, it is the perfect chance to try to take in new activities that perhaps at other times you would think that you wouldn’t enjoy.  A trip on your own is the ideal time to push your conception of who you believe yourself to be.

Take Time for Yourself

Rather than constantly trying to meet other people who are travelling alone (which of course is a worthwhile pursuit too) it is also a great time to do things alone. Seeing different sites by oneself can be great as it provides an opportunity to take them in at your own pace without being rushed. If you tire of walking around a city being on your own gives you the perfect opportunity to also retreat to the park with a book or head to the spa or just head back to your room to rest. You are the boss.


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