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Decadence in the Desert

For anyone who has been to Las Vegas, they know that it is the ultimate adult playground where your every wish and desire can be catered to in a virtually judgment free environment. While the rules of regular society still apply (we’re not animals, after all!), it’s easy to feel as though you’re in a different world when you’re in Las Vegas where relaxation and taking it easy are mandatory and stress stays outside the city limits. Leave it to a city in the middle of the desert to be your oasis from all the world’s woes!

If you’ve never been though, this is your chance and this should be your year. Flights to Las Vegas can be had for a song and even if you don’t spend a nickel on seeing a show, taking part in the debauchery or dining at any of the world class restaurants, you can still have an amazing time just walking the strip and observing others. It really is one of the craziest places on Earth and once you arrive, you’ll have a hard time leaving.

Here’s why:

Home of the Fabulous

Performers and entertainers of every background make Las Vegas their home for a reason – it’s truly an incredible venue. You can take in world famous magic shows or concerts by some of the biggest names in entertainment and while it’s always changing to stay current, plenty of old standards still occupy the strip. In addition, the sheer size and scale of the buildings and the decorations will astonish you just how much goes into something as simple a hotel lobby – all the more impressive when you realize how many hotels there are!

las_vegas_kosher_restaurantsIncredible Sights

Where to begin? Hitting the world famous strip at night will have you coming across a literal world showcase of landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower to the Pyramids and everything in between. Then there are the world famous Bellagio fountains, the Hard Rock Café – the Las Vegas sign itself on the outskirts of town. Entering the casinos is a feast for the senses, so much so that you are likely to forget about the outside world (be careful of this!) by the incredible wealth that goes into such an establishment. Finally, just sit back and watch the other patrons walking around, dressed to the nines and to turn heads – who needs a show when the streets are giving it away for free?

So Much to Do

Many first time visitors to Las Vegas will be blown away by the sheer volume of what is available and it’s understandable. The best thing to do though is to figure out what kind of activities you enjoy and stick to those – maybe throw in a wild card just to take you out of your comfort zone. Las Vegas holidays can add up in a hurry and doing and seeing it all can leave you seriously low on funds and contrary to popular belief, the house does always win – so don’t try to make your fortune to fund your travels! Maybe take a day trip to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam, relax in your hotel and all the amenities it offers and only play the nickel slot machines – you’ll still have a great time and get the full Las Vegas experience at the same time!


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