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Enjoy the Warmth, Not the Heat!


After winter had receded to little more than a distant memory, it’s hard not to get excited about the summer. The very thought of not wearing every article of clothing you own just to cross the parking lot can be a very alluring prospect to even the most acclimatized of individuals. Sure, you can get used to the cold weather and even look forward to it in the midst of a heat wave but there’s just something more appealing about everything coming alive again – plus, if the world was always cold… well… you get the idea.

With this in mind, sometimes the heat can be a bit much at times. Depending on where you live or travel to, you can be literally stewing and hating every second of it. As a general rule, travelling or moving in general is not advised during the hottest of temperatures as it’s hard to breath and it’s just not comfortable – even if your vacation is only lying on a beach getting wasted out of your mind. Wouldn’t it be great to travel to places that didn’t see you suffer as much?

Here are a few travel destinations that, even in the midst of summer, aren’t heat death traps.

Vancouver, Canada 

You might be surprised to learn most of Canada is ridiculously hot in the summer, particularly in southern Ontario around Toronto to Ottawa (that Ottawa valley can be insane in the summer and winter!), but west of the Rocky Mountains it’s all good. It never gets too hot in Vancouver thanks to the Pacific Ocean and mountains doing their part, making for great times on patios or going on hikes in the incredible wilderness.

resized_650x365_458179Lausanne, Switzerland

Another mountain destination (or rather, mountain country), Lausanne can get decently warm by Switzerland standards but thanks to its location on a lake and by the mountains you won’t hate your life for travelling there. This is a good thing, as anyone looking to partake in sightseeing this beautiful city should be prepared to do a decent bit of walking – with a lot of it being uphill!

Hobart, Australia

The capital city everyone seems to forget about in Australia is a first class destination regardless of the time of year, but while the rest of the country is baking, Hobart is taking it easy in true Tasmania style. It’s far enough south that the warm air mass that settles over the Outback has little influence on it and varied enough in its topography that changes in elevation alter the feeling – perfect for exploring all that sweet convict history.

Edinburgh, Scotland

While it’s true that Scotland is one of the last places lovers of hot weather would ever go, it can be very refreshing at the end of a summer European vacation to end in the greenest place on Earth. Edinburgh seems to have its share of warm weather days but mostly it’s a sweet release from the heat that hits mainland Europe – even in it’s hottest time of the year!


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