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Eternal Nicaragua Travel

An amazing place for the adventurers to get explored in the second largest rainforest of America. Nicaragua travel can be enjoyed to heart full, once you get landed there. The climatic change also affects the Nicaragua travel, so it is best if you are well aware of the climate before you prepare for your trip. 90% of the population speak in this place speak Spanish.

Nicaragua travel

It is one of the perfect holiday destination ideas, where a large number of tourists visit this place for the world-class beaches, nightlife, and colonial cities. Nicaragua travel can also provide various fun and adventure activities like hiking, cliff jump, trekking, etc.

People often visit these places in their Nicaragua travel, some are listed below:

  • Granada

A neat and beautiful place with a cathedral, Main Square and streets are full of buildings and colorful shops. This place in the Nicaragua travel is filled with many hotels of less cost and people also choose luxury hotels which are also available.

Nicaragua travel

Surrounding the Granada is full of green nature and one also can have a good entertainment strolling the streets.

Food is also good in this location; people must try steak dinner during their Nicaragua travel.

  • Big Corn Island

This place is visited by tourist once if they make their way to Nicaragua, whatever may be the case. This place is a beautiful Island with amazing view in the beach and the best place to chill out with your friends and family.

Nicaragua travel

People must try foods using lobster, shrimp and along with a beer. A small message is enough to get you a wonderful massage.

  • San Juan del Sur

Budget travelers prefer to go to this little beach town on their Nicaragua travel. This place is more of a beauty and one can admire the wonderful creation of God with the attractive views of sunrise and sunset.

Decent beaches, excellent food are its key features in this place. Hiking enthusiasts can also make a climb in Ometepe which is nearby. This is also a place for ardent lovers of surfers.

  • Leon

One of the UNESCO world heritage sites, where people from far lands come here to get a glimpse of the architectural beauty. Nicaragua travel can never be fulfilled until a visit to the Leon cathedral is made. This cathedral is also the largest among all cathedrals in Central America.

  • Matagalpa

One of the amazing places a person can encounter in his/her life to enjoy the eternal beauty of the waterfall in the Apante area of Matagalpa in their Nicaragua travel. This place has many tourist resorts having a great view of the forests.

Excursions walk, and hiking is common in this area. This place is known for its milk products and coffee. This place is known as the “Pearl of the north” and “Land of eternal spring”.

People can have a great time if they come here along with their beloved ones, and also there are a large number of shops where people can buy souvenirs and gifts. 

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