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When I set out travelling, I have to admit taking a ferry didn’t really hold much appeal to me. The whole idea of getting out on the water and going slower than a plane seemed very much against my goal of seeing the world – but now I’m a huge booster of ferries. They rock. Now whenever I get the option to go by ferry or plane, be it overnight or just for a few hours, I always opt for the ferry unless the savings and time don’t mesh.

It’s amazing how once you become aware of something how much it jumps out at you and how foolish you felt for not noticing it before. There are literally hundreds of ferry ports all over the globe to connect people to places and places to people, and I heavily encourage you to take one if you’ve never done it before. Ferries, to me, are just a more human way to travel and see the world – giving you that adventurous rush you don’t get from boarding a plane.

Best of all – ferries are great for all types of travellers. Let me explain why:


Environmentally Friendly

For those concerned about their carbon footprint (as we all should be) travelling by boat does a lot to reduce the pollution problems associated with travelling. Yes, no form of travel is without its consequences, but when you factor in the fuel used and the relatively small area for a port used by a ferry, you can see how much more efficient they are than airports as means for sustainable travel.


Great for Families

I’ve never travelled with my family but I have seen many families on board airplanes and ferries and I can honestly say I don’t know how the airplane crowd does it. First, plane rides are expensive and kids don’t like to sit still – ferries on the other hand are neither of those things and even though they may take longer, there are so many more things to do and see for everyone. Add in the fact that on a ferry you can always remain together without having to worry about annoying seats and the choice for family travel is obvious.


Road-Trip Ready

You can’t do a road trip if you have to fly without parking and then renting a car – you can with a ferry. While there are stipulations about taking cars into other countries (particularly as it goes with insurance and rental agreements), if you are looking to road trip Europe, it’s entirely possible – even to those spots separated by water. It does cost a bit more but it’s far more convenient than having to constantly book a rental car, particularly if you’re driving your own!


Alternative Journey

Finally, ferry travel just lets you see something different, which is something so many people crave in today’s travel world. Many ports are in cities you wouldn’t visit otherwise and the journey itself gives you time to think and connect with others, something often ignored or overlooked in favour of cramming in as much as possible.


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