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Find Adventure in the Rockies

Go ahead and picture “adventure”. Then picture “thrill”. Now picture your next vacation. Does it all match up? If not, it might be time to rethink where you should book your next holiday. Maybe you’ve been on a few ski resort holidays, or maybe you’ve been twice a year since you were a kid. Either way, it may seem like the best skiing is only offered by a traditional resort in some famous part of the world. But what if there were something more? What if you could guarantee an experience so captivating it blew all other traditional ski holidays away? The truth is no matter how nice a ski resort holiday can be it can never offer the personalized service and experience of heli-skiing.

Find Adventure in the Rockies

Heli-skiing is downhill skiing or snowboarding that is done off-trail and accessed by helicopter rather than the traditional ski lift. Because it makes use of a helicopter, you’re not hemmed in by boring trails and big crowds. Rather, the landing site – in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Range – is all yours; and once you’ve reached your spot, you can ski or snowboard with just you, your 3 closest friends, and the beautiful mountain.

With heli-skiing, you waste far less time going up the mountain, waiting in the lift queues, or running like mad to get to fresh powder first. Instead, you can take your time drinking in the quiet scenery of a majestic mountain, photographing without worrying about someone’s blur racing by and ruining the picture. There’s nothing like the knowing that guaranteed virgin powder is awaiting you.

And because heli-skiing is guided by experts, many of the dangers of backcountry skiing are handled for you so that you can focus on your experience rather than logistics. You can rely on pilots and guides to facilitate your trip by finding routes, mitigating avalanches, and communicating by radio so you and your crew can safely ski in style.

So before you get sucked into another holiday spent at a resort, convince your friends to make it a heli-skiing vacation. Contact Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, the leading provider of heli-skiing trips in the Rocky Mountains. Their dedicated and enthusiastic team are made up of skiers themselves, so they can create an exhilarating and unforgettable trip. With unprecedented views, virgin powder, and comfortable chalets waiting at the base, you’ll have no better time.


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