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Find Your Partner for the Journey of Life

Sometimes we can get so stuck traveling for years that you don’t realize time has almost passed our youth completely by. It is such a joy to travel, I certainly know. From youth hostels in Turkey and Guatemala, to homestays in Georgia, Jordan, and Mexico, to working on farms across North America and Europe, it was a wonderful five years after my college graduation. But after that, I began to realizing that I was missing out on something truly important – love.

While traveling inspires a love for your planet, it sometimes can leave you missing out on truly deep connections with other people. Sure, it is easy to make a friend over a pint or sharing the view of a beautifully scenic sunset. But what happens when you two move on the next day? You might exchange e-mails and promises of staying in touch, but often these would-be friendships never even get off the ground, and rarely do they survive past a few e-mails strung out over the course of several months.

If you wake up one day to realize that you want a little more out of life, it might just be time to check out’s Groupon Coupons. Because you are a traveler on a budget, you will want to keep things simple. Take advantage of’s Groupon Coupons to save anywhere from 25% off to 74% off of your subscription. With a account, you will have the chance to meet someone who exactly aligns with your needs; someone who loves traveling as much as you do, but who also wants to find a deeper connection than just a shared few days’ backpacking trip.

If you want to explore life with someone by your side, sharing the decisions along the many journeys of your lifetime, then you need to check out With just a little bit of money and time invested, you can find that special someone who brings you sheer happiness and delight, sticks with you through the sudden thunderstorms and cancelled flights, and enjoys the many different delicious foods, sights, and experiences the world has to offer.


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