Finding The Ideal Hotel For Your Orlando Getaway

First decide your holiday priorities, as each person in your party may be looking for something different. With so many things to do in Orlando, your choice of hotel can be crucial in saving you time and money travelling around. It also depends on the time of year that you choose to go as there can be bargains found during certain months. The main holiday season begins in May and peaks during the children’s school holidays in August, it is however an all-year-round destination and can be especially busy during the Christmas period.


With an all-year-round great climate, no matter when you go it may well be beach and pool weather, so your choice of hotel should take this into consideration. Hotels in Orlando are known for their impressive facilities and hospitable personnel booking reservations are easy because many online booking companies out there. There are many hotels close to Walt Disney World or you may prefer to be nearer to a golf course such as the Bay Hill Club & Lodge or the Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club, however, for the best of both worlds there is the Disney Magnolia championship course.

Orlando offers so much that you may want to consider a hotel which organises excursions or provides full details of places not to be missed, because as wonderful and absorbing as the theme park is, it would be a waste not to take in some of the other attractions. Such as the Rawhide Roundup which can be found at Forever Florida, where you can become a cowboy/girl for a day or two out in the Florida wilderness. There is also a wonderful nighttime trip by airboat, travelling into the Everglades where you can watch how the alligators and other wildlife behave after dark in their natural habitat. Exciting for adults and children alike is iFly Orlando, which offers the unique experience of skydiving without actually having to jump out of a plane; free-falling has never been more fun.

Perhaps you would prefer your hotel to have a spa and there are certainly some superb ones to be found in Orlando. When the excitement of the day leaves you just wanting to relax, what could be better than a massage to get you ready for a great evening’s entertainment. Choose your hotel wisely and you will definitely enjoy the most perfect holiday in Orlando.


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