Great Things to Do in London


When it comes to cities that have it all, few places are as grand as London. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local, a tourist, a foreigner or just passing through from Newcastle, London has something for everyone and is always changing. With such a large population and many distinct districts, you can be fairly certain no two parts of London feel exactly the same and can’t all be fully explored in one go.


Some people come to London to see all those distinctly British things (although, keep in mind – it’s just ONE part of the greater United Kingdom!), so you can’t fault them for looking for cosmopolitan London or to find out the every day person lives. Others just want to stay in and see the swanky hotel and theatre London, either because they’ve done the touristy thing before or because they’re locals and just don’t have an interest. Many want to club, others want to shop and still more long for the sporting venues and tournaments – and who could blame them?


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start because it all sounds so wonderful (and it is!), there’s no better way to explore your options than to just grab the beverage of your choice and wander around. Of course if your time is somewhat limited, you might need to do a bit more planning, but don’t write off the casual stroll – it’s one of London’s best and most affordable attractions!


For those looking for the free way to see London that involves next to no planning, use the Thames river as your guide. Follow it as it winds and bends through the great city, passing great landmarks like the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s cathedral and the London Eye. Cross over the many bridges, like the quirky Millennium Bridge, the picturesque Tower Bridge or the historically priceless London Bridge. From there you can wander into the downtown and see how easily it is to spend a whole day doing so little but seeing so much – and it won’t cost you a pound!


You don’t even need to be a wealthy pensioner or trust fund brat to enjoy all that London has to offer in its paid attractions either. Those visiting from outside the city (or anyone else for that matter!) can grab cheap London theatre breaks or admission to some exhibition by doing a bit of research online before arrival. The same goes for checking out the inside of London’s many historical buildings like Westminster Abbey or the Tower of London, as there are quite a few discounts to be had if you do your homework!


Regardless of your objectives, a trip to London is never a wasted time and you can be sure that regardless of how you spend it (or how much you spend), you’re going to walk away with memories that last a lifetime. There are so many great places to see in Europe and it’s high praise to say London is definitely included in that list.


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