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A Guide to Working Abroad

Living a life away from your home country is both exciting and challenging. It takes lots of grit and courage to start your life over again and work with other nationalities. Nevertheless, you will be able to immerse yourself into new culture and environment which can be a good turning point in your life. Here is some information and tips to help you adjust to your work and life abroad:

Paid Work Projects

There are thousands of jobs and projects available for almost every professional who wants to work abroad. There are office jobs, hospital jobs, and also jobs that are required on a per-project basis. Most professions needed in project-based opportunities are engineers, architects, and project managers. Paid work projects include construction of building and roads, property development and information technology (IT) projects.

On the other hand, some may even get paid for doing volunteer work abroad. While the work itself may not be paid, volunteers are given allowances to cover their living expenses for their accommodation, food, and travel expenses. Moreover, competition for volunteer work is high; you may need to present supporting documents to prove that you are qualified for the job they require. If you are interested in this kind of volunteer work, you may try to submit an application with organizations like the U.S. Peace Corps and the United Nations.

Working in a Ski Chalet

Another enticing job abroad is working in a ski chalet. If you love the snow, this is the perfect career for you. Job opportunities include working as a chalet manager, chalet chef, and even as housekeeping couple where you can work together with your spouse or partner. Ski chalet job packages usually include travel expenses, accommodation, meals, and a competitive salary.

Working in Private Households

Another popular opportunity in working abroad is working in private households. While the most common job opportunity is a housekeeper or a nanny, other roles include being a house manager, gardener, a private chef, chauffeur, butler, or a domestic caretaker. Some companies hiring for these kinds of jobs even conduct specialized training to ensure quality service for this high demand work. These job opportunities are common in fast-paced busy countries like the USA, Singapore, and Middle Eastern Countries.

Tips to Help You

Patience is one of the key factors to help you adjust to your new life abroad. Here are some tips that may help you adapt well and fast:

• Prepare, research and learn about the culture of the country where you will stay for the coming years so that you know and understand their customs and beliefs.
• Reserve and Save Money. The most common reason for working abroad is to earn more than what you do before. With this in mind, make sure to save money before you go.
• Work on Your Documents. Make sure to research the paper work that you need to work on upon your arrival. This may include visa, insurance and permanent residency requirements.


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