Vietnam tourist spots
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Whenever you heard the word Vietnam you get reminded of the best holiday destination ideas which include the old town exploration, rural adventures, emerald waters and islands as Vietnam tourist spots. The land is bursting with the natural beauty and cultural intricacies, of the hill-tribes and megacities. Vietnam is alluring as well as fascinating.

Vietnam tourist spots

The history of the city is diverse and complex to understand. The ancient temples in the north are influenced by Chinese and of the south by the Hindu origin. Apart from the culture, these Vietnam tourist spots offer an unforgettable experience of thrills & chills with adventurous rides.

Here are some beautiful yet and adventurous Vietnam tourist spots to explore:

  • Mui Ne:

Mui Ne was a shoreline where every pioneering traveler camped on its sand. But the time has changed and now the place has evolved into beach resorts, one of the most relaxing Vietnam tourist spots. The uniqueness of the place is its white sand dunes and combers.

Vietnam tourist spots

Presenting many lakes and marshlands in the middle of the sandy terrain the place hosts to an adventurous of the hot air balloon ride over the sand dunes. With the coastal fishing town, strong sea breezes, the sports like kite surfing and windsurfing on the beaches make the place as one of the most visited Vietnam tourist spots.

  • Ha Long Bay:

One of the most beautiful places among Vietnam tourist spots, as the place is full of emerald waters and floating past a thousand small islands topped with the green cover on the waters. Most tourists opt for the cruise-tour which covers the exquisite beauty of the other islands.

Vietnam tourist spots

The evolution of the limestone pillars here dates back to 20million years. The beauty of the landscapes here breath-taking.


The island is bordered with the white-sand beaches which lead into the dense tropical jungle. In the past, it has been the sleepy backwaters for most of the time. And now it has turned into one of the crowded Vietnam tourist spots for sun-bathing on its long beach.

The place is full of adventure water sports, fresh seafood and amazing frontline beach resorts. You can also rent a bicycle and make the tour of the whole place, which is preferred by most visitors.

Vietnam tourist spots

The place is full of adventurous water sports and fresh seafood. You can also rent a bike and go for the sightseeing of the entire place which is preferred by most of the visitors.

  • Sa Pa:

A hill station established by the French as the civilian resident. The place has the reputation of showing some of the spectacular views on clear skies. Even though the climate here cloudy most of the time, people here make the place as one of the most colorful Vietnam tourist spots.

Vietnam tourist spots

The mountains are rich in a variety of plants, birds, and animals, so they set up a national park which covers most of the green region of the mountains. The real charm of the Sa Pa can’t be explored unless you step into its dramatic scenery.

  • Bac Ha:

You might have visited the most beautiful Vietnam tourist spots on your journey. Bac Ha reveals the busiest parts of Vietnam on Sunday. The place wakes up the turmoil of color and commerce in this market.

Vietnam tourist spots

The lanes of the market will be filled with the village flocks from hills and valleys to buy and sell. On this day only the tourists can spot the real color and culture of Vietnam.

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