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How the Internet Makes Travel Easy


It seems there is almost nothing the internet can’t do, which is even more true when it comes to vacation planning.

There was a time where only the most seasoned globetrotter or risk-taker would attempt to plan a trip on their own, but these days you’re a bit of an anachronism if you do it any other way. Sure, travel agents may still be able to offer you interesting deals, packages and well-put together brochures, but you’re no longer at their mercy when it comes to ways to plan your trip. Thanks to the internet, not only can you do all the research yourself but you can reserve and pay for much of it without even leaving home.

Here are just some of the ways the internet improves the travel experience.


Amazing Hostel in Queensland, Australia by the Great Barrier Reef
Amazing Hostel in Queensland, Australia by the Great Barrier Reef

Accommodation Planning

Depending on what kind of trip you’re going on, (be it sightseeing or beach relaxation) where you’re going to sleep is a big part of the experience. Will you be able to find a place close to the action, during the timeframe you have and at a price you’re comfortable with? Thankfully, there are plenty of reputable booking websites, like Hostel World, that make this process quick, easy and informative. This is a huge help if you’re planning out ahead of time or even just find yourself in the area and want to know which places are available that night.


Reviews from Average People

Brochures and travel agent testimonials are great, but they are definitely designed to sell you something, so the opinions included are always positive. By researching online, you have access to not only those kinds of resources, but also those written by average travelers, alerting others to things to watch out for or side-trips off the beaten path. Like with sponsored pieces, take travel blogs with a grain of salt as well – everyone has their personal tastes and one person’s opinion is by no means the ultimate authority.



Maybe you have no idea what to see or where to go – or maybe you know exactly what you want but you just want some motivation. In either case, the internet is home to a near infinite number of pictures, many of which serve to inspire travelers to get out there and see whatever it is for themselves. Unique or cliched, you’ll find it all online.


Nothing like a little photographic motivation!
Nothing like a little photographic motivation!


Near Universal Access

Regardless of where you are in the world (except for a few countries), you have access to the same information as anyone else. This means you can make changes to your itinerary on the fly without worrying about getting to some fixed point to research or, in many cases, book/cancel some aspect of your trip. What’s even better is many sites are available in multiple languages too, so even if you’re an Italian college student backpacking through Scandinavia and looking for a place to stay in Sweden, you can access a site like Hostel World in Italian and reserve a room for the night. You can’t get much more convenient than that!


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