How to Save Up for Travel

For those who have caught the highly infectious travel bug, nothing can be more frustrating than not traveling. Whether you’re stuck back at home or simply in the same place for a long period of time, that feeling of being trapped is usually brought on by one annoying factor – you lack the necessary funds to travel.

Some people save for years in order to take the trip of their dreams, foregoing material indulgences of every type and putting their ‘real lives’ on hold in order to put together the money they need to see the world. Others sell all their worldly possessions and light out for the territory the first chance they get. If you don’t want to do either one of these extremes (after all, what are you going to do when the money runs out?), you might want to consider picking up a job while you’re on the road!

But here are some tips for saving money to travel the world. Keep these in mind when you feel another flare up of the dreaded (but much loved) travel bug!


1. Take on a Part-Time Job

If traveling is really something you are passionate about doing, as is true with any goal that requires a lot of money, you might want to consider giving some of your leisure time to sales jobs. A few extra hours a day adds up quickly and you’ll be surprised how much money you can bring in, particularly if that job works on commission. Remember, not only will you be taking in more money but because you don’t have as much free time, chances are you won’t be spending as much either!


2. Sell Some of Your Possessions

This one isn’t one to go overboard on, because unlike cutting back on leisure time, if you sell back your necessities for living you could find life a bit challenging, particularly if you ever want to move back home. But if you have a lot of old stuff that would just sit in storage, or a car that is still in good shape but you’re going to be away for years at a time, it maybe wouldn’t be a bad idea to sell it and avoid it depreciating further. Use online marketplaces like Kijiji to help improve your chances and be amazed at how much you can amass in a relatively short time.


3. Work While Travelling

You may find it difficult to secure employment while traveling, particularly if you’re in a country where you don’t speak the native language, but it is still possible. Hostels are a great place to look for work or in the service industry in some place with lots of tourists. If your language skills are decent and you possess the right visa, you may be able to get a better paying job and really save up for a brief period of time. Look to stay put in a place for half a year and really get to know the place – seeing the everyday side of a country and not just the tourist one. Australia is a great place for this as the salaries are decently high, giving you a much needed boost to your travel funds. Who knows – you might decide to stay put and relocate there!



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