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Indulge in the medieval past of Ethiopia

One of the world’s oldest countries, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, because it is formally notable, is set within the Horn of Africa. It’s conjointly second in terms of population and tenth in surface area among all the countries in Africa.


Ethiopia revels in its medieval past. This can be most apparent within the city of Lalibela, whereverstone structures are venues for Christian rites that have remained unaltered for over 1,000 years. The highlands of Ethiopia are veritable museums that showcase the countries sovereign past, proven by glorious castles and Russian tanks that have see several battles.

The other aspect of Ethiopia that creates it enticing to tourists is its lush landscapes. The Simien Mountains park offers a wide ranging background for the country scenery. The Bale Mountains park, on the opposite hand, offers tourists trekking tours and interactive experiences with unique animals and birds. Up north, on the opposite hand, there’s the Danakil Depression, the house extreme journey.


Visit the breathtaking mountains and gorges with the endemic animals such as the Gelada baboons. This area is unique with its flora and fauna.


You will trek up to the head of the valley and the village of Mizma where you will get your first view of your imposing goal. To reach it you will contour round a number of steep gullies ascending all the time until you find yourself on a rocky plateau, which is dominated by the three peaks the middle one being the tallest. It is then a relatively easy scramble to the top of one of Africa’s highest mountains.


Drive through the Great Rift Valley to the Bale Mountains National Park.. You will be watching the marvelous folded Bale Mountains with its spectacular scenary, unique flora and fauna, which is the habitat of the endemic Mountain Nyala. At Dinsho, you will collect your entrance fee.


Here we discover the endemic Semien Fox that’s living in distinctive surroundings. The elevation is over 4000 m high and therefore the space may be a catchments space for forty streams. Any drive to the market place of Dolo Mena can take you to the Virgin forest.

Axum is believed to own been the primary Ethiopian capital from the first to the tenth century A.D. Christianity was introduced here throughout the fourth century A.D. You’ll be able to visit the park of the stele, carven out of 1 single granite stone of the pre Christianity Era, the palace and tombs of 2 of the Axumite Emperors (Kaleb and Gebre Meskel), and therefore the recent and new St. Mary Churches of Axum. Visit the palace remnants of the legendary Queen of Sheba, her swimming pool, Inscriptions of Ezana and Archeological Museums.


Debre Damo is that the initial monastery within the country inbuilt the start of the sixth C. by a religious father named Abuna Aregawi. Visit also, Adigrat that’s unambiguously a city influenced by Catholics.


Lalibela is the site of eleven remarkable rock hewn monolithic churches, that were built by King Lalibela, in the late12thor13thc. These notable structures are carved, inside and outside of the solid rock, and are considered among the eight wonders of the world.


Adewa was a battlefield where the colonial power-the Italians met the Ethiopian forces in 1896 and the Ethiopians achieved a great victory. Some 65 km far from Axum is an historical site named Yeha sheltered in the mountains. In Yeha there is a temple-predated Axum. The Temple of Moon was used as a place of worship. In the 6th C. A.D. the Ethiopian Orthodox church replaced it and St. Mary’s church was built near to it. Next some 75 km from Axum, there is the first and the oldest monastery of Debre-Damo. This Flat topped plateau was serving as a royal prison to the kings of Axum and later used as a monastery since the 6th century.


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