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Keep Up-to-date on Football While Travelling around the World

8562562295_92021d1500_bOne of many people’s dreams is to travel around the world and some of them are fulfilling it now. The passion of travel means sacrificing things that you valued also. It might be your personal belongings, your house, time together with your friends and family, your job, your hobbies or anything around you. When traveling you need to sacrifice something to support your financial needs by selling your belongings and some travelers even sold their house. Another thing is that you will miss time with all of your loved ones and friends since you’re away from them. Most of travelers also choose traveling and give up their job to explore the world. Other things that are affected are your hobbies especially when you have limited time. Although some hobbies can be done anywhere, you’re time is very limited. Personally, I’m really a football fan before I start traveling and it’s not easy for me to forget it. That’s why along the way I keep on looking on some ways to be updated without needing too much time since I travel a lot.
Here are some ways to be updated on any kind of sports especially when you’re a football fan:


• Social Media

Nowadays, everything can be accessed through internet and social media platforms are popular now especially Facebook and Twitter. You can be updated by just using it in your smartphone and reading sports news related feeds. There are so many ways – looking from your favorite player and team’s official page and fan page, using hashtags, news feeds from popular sports news websites and more.

• Local Sports Bar

When you are outside and there is a local sports bar nearby, it’s your chance to catch some live games. Most sports bar have Television and show live games of different sports which is wonderful. I also met a lot of football fans in sports bars and some of them are my friends until now.

• Official FC page

This is also advisable for some avid fans of football. It is the official page of Football clubs, it also means that this is the source of all news around the web. These pages can be accessed online and you can get important details on it like statistics of players, fixtures and results of matches, how to get tickets and official announcements.

• Sports betting Website

There are a lot of websites you can get details about your favorite teams and players including fans websites. Also, sports betting websites offers a lot of important details like statistics, odds, schedule of matches as well as live streaming of games. Many bookmakers share these details for visitors especially for fans who wants to bet and indicate chances of winning. William Hill football betting site is one of sports betting websites that shows important details of all football competitions and leagues around the world. They offer odds of players and teams into different football clubs as well.

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