Majorcan Sunshine


Majorca is one of the big favourites for family summer holidays. Cala D’Or in the south-west of the island is a popular choice, thanks to its magical Spanish vibe amongst some of the comforts of home.


Palma airport hosts international flights all year around, with summer predictably busy. There are many low-cost flights to be had, and one way to lower the overall cost of travelling is to pre-book those all important airport extras. I rarely travel without airport parking, totally hooked on the convenience of it, and of course the saved pennies don’t hurt either. Check out Aberdeen Airport Parking for great deals, and Doncaster Airport Parking when flying out of the capital.


Cala D’Or really spoils its visitors when it comes to beaches, and who doesn’t love a good beach? I certainly do. With many to choose from, all sparkling in the sun with white sand to sink your feet into –bliss. Water-sports are available too, a great opportunity to cool down in the summer heat, and a good laugh too! However, if you don’t fancy getting wet, I’d recommend booking a boat trip, something I always do wherever I go. I love the freedom of floating around the coastline, admiring the scenery and relaxing. Just remember the hat and sun-cream! Try and book a glass-bottom boat if possible, and you’ll also get to see some of the underwater residents.



To really see the beauty of the surrounding area, I’d really recommend hiring a car if you can, giving much more freedom. The famous Caves of Drach are nearby, and certainly somewhere I’d suggest visiting. Palma is a great day out, steeped in history and a great choice for culture vultures.


If you’re like me, you’ll want a dose of retail therapy, and shopping is pretty good in Cala D’Or, with many different kinds of items begging to be bought, including a great Sunday market at nearby Felanitx –great for some souvenirs to take home.


Night-fall doesn’t mean it’s time to wind down, with a varied schedule of entertainment to keep every occupied. I’d really recommend trying some traditional Majorcan food, something I always try to do no matter where in the world I’m visiting. Give tumbet a try, a great dish for vegetarians, washed down with a glass or two of sangria.


The marina is a lively spot of an evening, with many bars. Cala D’Or isn’t hugely about night-life but there is plenty around, albeit not particularly raucous.


For a summer adventure, a chance to relax and have fun no matter what you focus your break on I’d recommend Majorca, and I’d certainly recommend Cala D’Or. Grab that last minute summer deal and see for yourself!


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