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Neighborhoods of St Petersburg

A planned city if there ever was one, the neighborhoods of St Petersburg offer visitors a lot of range in terms of the experience they will have there. A few of the most prominent neighborhoods of St Petersburg include:

Palace Square

Standing right in the heart of St Petersburg is palace square, the city’s main square and home to the baroque style Winter Palace. The winter palace is now housing the Hermitage Museum, which is one of the oldest and largest collections of art in the world. Trips to St Petersburg will definitely include much time here.


Nevsky Prospekt

To the south of Palace Square is Nevsky Prospekt, which is St Petersburg’s main street. Filled with a variety of the city’s best sites such as Kuznechii Pereulok outdoor market and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery – the latter built by Peter the Great to shelter a number of priceless relics of the city. The Moscow Rail Station is located here as well. Being the city’s main commercial street there are many shops, restaurants, and cafes too.

North of Nevsky

Much of St Petersburg is oriented by your position as it relates to Nevsky Prospekt. North of this main street you will find many great bars, cafes and restaurants. Of a cultural note you can also find the fantastic Russian Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of Russian art and artifacts. Located in this neighborhood is the Tauride Palace and gardens; a location where you can find many reasonable priced hotels.

South of Nevsky

South of Nevsky is a little lower key than the north featuring a closer glimpse at the city’s waterfront. Many a writer and artistic type have wandered down along the canals and become engrossed in the beauty of the city. There are plenty of chances for romantic strolls around here as well as the chance to see great exhibits such as the St Petersburg’s Conservatory and the opulent St Issac’s Cathedral.

Vasilievsky and New Holland Island

Previously a more remote section of the city Vasilievsky Island has transformed into an up and coming restaurant and hotel district. This island is also home to St Peterburg’s State University. Providing a different vibe is New Holland Island that houses a variety of warehouses and military buildings. Many of the warehouses in modern times have been transformed into clubs for party goers.


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