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On the Road: 5 fun games to play

People say that in life, it’s the journey that matters – not the destination. However, it turns out that travelling on the road to a destination can sometimes be a long and painful journey (ironic, isn’t it?). You’ve just gone through auto refinancing and you can once again breathe easy, so a road trip with friends or family seems like a great idea, right? While an hour in the car isn’t so bad, when the clock keeps ticking over, it becomes difficult to spend hours and hours crammed into a car with a group of people – no matter how much you love them.Regardless of whether you’re travelling with your family or road-tripping with friends, sometimes you need a bit of extra entertainment to help get you through the drive ahead. If you’re looking for a way to lighten up your drive, games are the perfect way to pass the time quickly – try these five and you’ll be at your destination before you know it.I Spy

A childhood classic, I Spy is the perfect guessing game for anyone who likes the challenge of paying attention to detail. A player starts by choosing an object – either in the car or a nearby landmark. They then say “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…” and add the first letter of the object they have selected. Others then take turns at guessing what it is; the person who guesses right gets to choose the next object. Make sure that you only choose objects that are visible to the others in the car or landmarks that are memorable; otherwise, nobody else will ever get a turn!The Alphabet Game

There are a number of ways to play the alphabet game, but the basic premise is simple: players choose a subject (like “boy names”, “countries” or “household objects”) and then take turns at making their way through the alphabet. For example, for the subject “countries”, one person may start with Algeria and the next may select Brazil and the next Canada, and so forth. Once you hit Q and X, the game becomes sufficiently more difficult.21 Questions

Another classic, 21 Questions is a game that everyone loves to play. One person selects a topic (a person, an object, or a place) and others must guess it by asking closed-ended questions. Of course, the objective is to guess it in 21 questions or less to win the game.Mad Libs

This one requires a bit of planning ahead, but Mad Libs can be absolutely hilarious to play. Buy a Mad Libs book for cheap at your local newsagent or download some Mad Libs documents online, bring a pen, and get everyone in the car to help you choose verbs, adjectives, and nouns to fill in the blanks with. You’ll come up with some crazy sentences in the car like “Jane went swimming to her nearest bowling alley with a wizard and a cow” – but that’s all part of the fun!Never Have I Ever…

A great bonding game for a group on a road trip, Never Have I Ever is a game typically reserved for shenanigans involving alcohol and a group of friends who want to find out some secrets from each other. Each person holds out five fingers, and one person says “Never have I ever…” and says something they have never done. If others in the group have done it, they must put down one finger; if this happens five times then traditionally people must drink; however, on a road trip this may not be the best idea – perhaps they could have to do something embarrassing instead!

Dan Shaw is a writer and avid car fan who has played one too many of these car games. His favourite will always be the Alphabet Game – if only he was actually good at it…


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