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This is Why You Should Opt for a Tour of Bhutan

Bhutan travel is a very good option because it is an extraordinary place. This is an excellent mix of both modern as well as the medieval age. This is a place which is very much aware of the drawbacks of modernization. So it has decided to move forward without actually forgetting about its roots.

Bhutan travel

The government of Bhutan has taken every decision keeping in mind the interests of the residents here. Bhutan travel will surely be an enjoyable one because it will be both a spiritual as well as a visual feast. If you are interested to know about the places that are worth visiting in Bhutan then you can surely go through the discussion below:

  • Taktsang Goemba

If opt for a Bhutan travel this holiday then make sure that you visit this place. It is also called the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. It is one of the most important Buddhist monasteries present in Bhutan. It is created on a vertical cliff that is 3000 meters towards the North of Paro. This monastery was built in the year 1692.

Bhutan travel

  • Tsechus

This is the annual religious festival in Bhutan. If you choose a Bhutan travel then you should sure attend this festival. This festival is conducted in the major monasteries as well as the dzongs in Bhutan. During this festival, you will see that people from near as well as far will gather in order to witness the cultural items as well as mask dances.

Bhutan travel

  • Dzong

When on a Bhutan travel do not miss out visiting the dzong. These are ancient forts that are today used as the center for carrying out various administrative works. The architecture of these dzongs is typically Bhutanese. They have a wide base and a pointed top. They are also very well decorated using different colors as well as shapes. Not even a single nail was used to build this dzong.

Bhutan travel

  • Highest unclimbed mountains

If you go for Bhutan travel you should never miss visiting the highest mountains that have still not been climbed. Some of these mountains include Jitchu drake, mount jhomolhari etc. The Bhutan government does not allow you to go to the peak of these mountains. This is because they believe that it is the abode of the spirits and deities.

  • Museums and monuments

If you go for a Bhutan travel then do not miss the history. The history of Bhutan is preserved in the museums and the monuments. If you visit the jhakhangs and dzongs then you will truly have an excellent experience because the museums are distinctly unique.

Bhutan travel

  • Mountain trekking

When you go for a Bhutan travel then do not miss mountain trekking here. This trekking will surely take you through some of the most challenging routes. You will get the opportunity to cross the high mountain passes. Though initially you may be bothered about the leeches the pristine beauty of Bhutan will make you forget everything else. Bhutan travel may also give you the opportunity to come across ponies that will carry your bags.

Bhutan travel

Bhutan travel is undoubtedly one of the best holiday spots that are there. Travelling to Bhutan will surely be one of the best holiday destination ideas that you have.

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