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Orlando: Things to do besides Theme Parks

Theme parks are the first thing that will come into most people’s minds when they think about Orlando, however there is so much more to the city and its surrounding area.

Visit the Everglades 

One thing that every visitor to Orlando should make sure they do is take a trip to visit the Everglades.  It is a 3-4 hour drive away, however you will be driving past some spectacular scenery. The Everglades have many visitor centres, and the Shark Valley visitor centre is one of the easiest to get to from Orlando. A visit to see the spectacular flora and fauna of the Everglades is a definite must-see for your Orlando holidays.

Depending on how active a day you are looking for at Shark Valley, you may choose to walk, cycle or take a tram tour around the 15 mile loop. If you plan on cycling and do not have your own bike with you, it is advisable to get there as early as possible as there will a waiting list for the bike rental service later in the day. Whilst you may have seen an alligator or two during your stay in Orlando, you will be amazed at how many of them there are to be seen in the Everglades.

Take an airboat ride 

There are plenty of places in the Everglades to ride an airboat, however if you find you don’t have enough time there, or do not fancy the drive, Boggy Creek may be your answer. Less than half an hour drive from Orlando, you can experience the thrill of an air boat ride. You might not see as many alligators as you will in the Everglades, but it is still great fun.

Visit the Kennedy Space Center 

The Kennedy Space Center is a popular attraction with children and adults alike, and is a must visit location if you are travelling with a space mad child. It is only a one hour drive from Orlando, and if you are not hiring a car yourself, there are plenty of tour companies offering coach trips here.

A bus tour will take you around many of the important locations around the campus, and you are free to explore these at your own time, catching the next available bus onto the next location when you are ready. Before leaving, be sure to walk around the Rocket Garden and see for yourself just how big the rockets are.

Go shopping 

America is famous for it’s malls, and there are plenty to choose from in Orlando. Orlando Premium Outlets on International Drive is somewhere well worth stocking up on designer goods before you head home, whilst for the ultimate mall experience, check out the Florida Mall. This mall is an attraction of its own, and it is well worth taking a walk around just to see how big it is, even if you don’t have the money or suitcase space to shop there.

There is something for everybody to see and do in the Orlando area, which is why it makes such a popular holiday destination. If there is only one thing that you do besides the theme parks, strongly consider taking a trip to visit the Everglades


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