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What Should You Pack In Your Carry On Luggage?

Packing can be a little, well, stressful. You don’t want to forget anything or leave any of those trip necessities behind, regardless of if you’re hiking a mountain or just laying on a beach for a few weeks. It’s not just your checked luggage that needs to be packed correctly, though. Your carry on luggage is just as important. So, how can you pack smart? If you’re not sure, here are some of the things you should put in your carry on.

Important Documents

Let’s start with the basics. Your carry on luggage needs to have all of the absolute essentials. It should be filled with all of the things that you need in order to get through your flight in ease. That includes important documents, like your passport, driver’s licence, important phone numbers, hotel reservations, taxi numbers, and so on. That way, whatever happens, you’ll have all the information you need on hand. To keep it all organized, put everything into a passport wallet or a folder. You can simply slip it into your carry on luggage!

The Must-Haves

There are other essentials that you’ll need to keep with you. For instance, if you wear contacts, you may want to take a small amount of solution or comfort drops with you. You may also want to bring along things that you may need to use during the flight. Think about things like a hairbrush, hand lotion, chapstick, deodorant, baby wipes, and so on. These will help you feel fresh – even during a long flight.

Valuable Items

In order to travel successfully, you’ll need to think ahead. What would you be devastated if you lost? Don’t check those items! While airlines losing luggage is rare, it can happen. It is best not to risk losing something you can never get back. Any sentimental items or valuables like jewellery should be kept with you. In addition, your wallet and all of your money should also be on your person. So, instead of spending the flight worrying, pack them in your carry on. It will make your trip much less stressful.


Just like valuable items, you should probably pack electronic devices in your carry on. You don’t want to risk them getting lost or damaged during transport. Things like tablets, laptops, smart phones, and iPods can be taken on the flight with you. However, extra laptop batteries may not be able to travel on the flight with you. If you’re not sure, check the airlines policies before you pack. This will ensure that your items are exactly where they need to be.

In Flight Entertainment

The only other things that should be in your carry on luggage are things that you will actually need for the flight. Items like portable DVD players, music devices, books, magazines, and so on should be kept with you. That way, if you’re bored on the airplane you have something that can keep you occupied. Really put some thought into what you’ll want to do while on the flight. That way, you can determine how much to take with you.

Packing your carry on luggage doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important thing is to focus on the essentials. Ask yourself: What do I need to travel comfortably? Once you figure that out, packing will be a cinch!


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