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Paris Attractions: Dream for Youngsters

Paris, in France is amongst one of the lovely place that for sure will let you fall in love with it. There are many mesmerising places that will capture your memories for years to come. It’s because of its wonderful and world famous monuments that it is proudly announced as one of the best destinations amongst the travellers. No wonder the visitors love to visit the place again and again due to following Paris Attractions.

Paris Attractions for Youngsters

Eiffel Tower

It is the iconic tower of the place which is 324 meters high. Needless to say, that around 7 million visitors visit the tower every year from all over the world. The Paris better views from this tower and is one of the must visit place while planning a journey to the wonderful place, Italy. To avoid hassles, pre book your ticket and catch the entire scene of the city.

Notre Dame Cathedral

If you are in search of one of the masterpieces of French Gothic architecture, then, Notre Dame Cathedral is the place for you. It won’t let you down. The USB of the place is its many sculptures and gargoyles that beautify the roof. For the better and mesmerizing experience, it’s advised to walk around the Cathedral and climb 387 steps for a panoramic view of the place and see the popular carvings from close by.

Louvre Museum

This is the most visited museum of the world. It is a former Royal Palace and resides at the center of the Paris. Out of its 210,000 square meters, 60,600 are fully occupied by the exhibition. The entire collection at the place is divided into 8 different departments such as: Islamic art, Greek antiquities, Oriental antiquities, Egyptian antiquities, Graphic arts, paintings, objects of art and sculptures from middle age and modern times.

Cruise on the Seine

You’re travelling will not be completed until and unless it contains the cruise experience. This journey will give you a complete experience of the city of light especially at night. At night the monuments are lit slowly and this cruise will help you catch glimpses of rare beauty which is hard to find elsewhere and this makes it one of the best outing destinations.

The Palace of Versailles

France is famous for many castles and Chateau de Versailles is one of it. It depicts the military power and French supremacy in Europe. Lavish decoration, exceptional accommodations, gardens and terraces are some of the valid reasons that justify the place as a must visit by the travelers.


You’re travelling remain incomplete if you forget to visit the Disneyland. It is situated 32 kilometers away from Paris and attracts fans of Mickey from worldwide. The Disneyland is further classified into 2 theme parks. One is the Disneyland with sleeping beauty castle and another one is Walt Disney studios. For an everlasting travelling experience, don’t forget to visit space Mountain, Small Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

Enjoy your trip with your beloved family and friends.


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