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Places to visit in Brazil

Brazil is a country of white sandy beaches, rainforests and exotic wildlife. The tropical islands, red-rock canyons, and thundering waterfalls enhance the beauty of the country, making it one of the best holiday destinations.

Brazil tourist attractions

Here are some Brazil tourist attractions which are must visiting places:


Surprisingly the Fortaleza is a large and straggling place. It is one of the biggest cities, packed with the Brazil tourist attractions. The place is also a magnet both for the citizens and visitors for its beaches and party atmosphere. Some of the city beaches are rationally attractive for its spectacular beach spots, water sports, and nightlife.

The city has the Dragon of the sea art and culture center, a huge complex where you can find the public library, Cearense culture memorial and a lot of restaurants and private art galleries surrounded the center. The Fortal is the festival that the city has been following over 20-years, where the huge music concerts are conducted.


A ballpark of waterfalls, coastal mountains, tropical forests and emerald sea. Also spelled as Paraty and it is one of the most visited Brazil tourist attractions, located on the green coast of the country. On the jeep ride down through the rugged roads of the tropical forest as seek out for the waterfalls.

On the waters of the bay of Paraty, you have a ride to the near islands. A visit to the near fishing village Trinidad and opportunities of snorkeling in the fresh swimming pools includes the Brazil tourist attractions.


The historic old town now has become the sprawling urban place crowded with the commercial areas. Nicknamed as the Venice of Brazil because of its various waterways and bridges. Because of its diversity, it has become one of the Brazil tourist attractions.

Brazil tourist attractions

With natural pools at the shores, swim with the fish which can be filmed as a reminder. The beautiful shores, coconut trees, and water sports can assure you that it is one of the beautiful in the Brazil tourist attractions.

Foz co Iguazu:

With one of the world’s most astonishing natural wonders including in the place, this is considered as the top of the Brazil tourist attractions. The trip starts with the visit to the stunning Iguazu falls which is the connection point of three countries.

Brazil tourist attractions

Once in a lifetime chance is the Iguazu falls boat adventure to explore the waterfalls from the water itself. To experience the panoramic view of the waterfalls the helicopter ride is perfect. Coming to this place is almost felt like we are connected with the life itself. That is why are tops the Brazil tourist attractions list.

Rio de Janeiro:

The place is filled with golden beaches and lush mountains. Take a visit to the Christ the Redeemer statue on top of the sugar loaf Mountains through the cable car ride which also can give the panoramic view of the entire city. After the statue, you can go to the Copacabana beach and other beaches named for their nightlife.

The city has few architectural monuments which are worthful for a visit. Bike ride to the picturesque spots in the evening and enjoying the live music on warm nights is a perfect way to end your visit to the Brazil tourist attractions.

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