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Plan a Day At The Beach In Brisbane

Perfect days are hard to come by. There is always so much on our plates. Typically? Our days are full of things to do, tasks to complete, and long overdue projects. That is why vacations are so essential. They nourish the soul…. and get you away from your to do list! The best way to fall into a blissful escape? Spending a day at the beach. Here are some travel tips to help you plan the ultimate beach vacation in Brisbane.


Figure Out How You Will Get There. It doesn’t matter where you are going. Or what you are doing. The key to a successful getaway is transportation. You want to hit the beach without wasting precious sun tanning time! You have a few options. There are cabs throughout the city as well as bus routes. Or you can choose a car hire Brisbane to get you from your hotel to the nearest beach. The latter is the fastest and most convenient way to get your beach day started. So be sure to think about your options!

Choose The Perfect Brisbane Beach. The next thing on your to do list? Choosing the right beach for your perfect beach day excursion. There are many beaches in the area. A few of the most popular Brisbane beaches include: Coolangatta Beach (which has a picnic area, nearby shops, and low surf), Tallebudgerra Beach (there is a surf beach as well as a barbecue area), Streets Beach South Bank (a manmade inner-city lagoon that boasts white sand and palm trees), and Surfers Paradise Beach (one of the best places to partake in surfing or watch the swells). Whether you are looking for a quiet spot, a family friendly area, or a place to check out the surf…there are plenty of options in Brisbane.


Decide How You Will Spend Your Time. Getting to the beach is one thing. Figuring out what you will do once you’re there? That is a whole other ball game. There are many different options. A few of them? You can always take surfing lessons (these are offered on many popular beaches), go for a dip in the water, build sandcastles, work on your tan, go for a walk, try out water sports, or play a game of beach volleyball. See? The options are endless! Try to have a general idea of what you want to do. Then get out there and do it. These activities will make your beach day even more memorable.

Stay Sun Safe Throughout The Day. Your picture perfect beach day is almost complete. The only thing left to think about is protection. The weather in Brisbane can be quite warm and sunny. So it is important to focus on staying sun safe throughout the day. Don’t worry. This easy to do. Just be sure to pack the following in your suitcase – and in your beach bag. Sunglasses, a floppy sun hat, sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more (be sure to re-apply every couple of hours for maximum protection), bottled water, a cooling spray, and light coloured clothing. Not only will you be prepared but your day will be amazing. Whichever Brisbane beach you choose!


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