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Reasons to Take the Train


It seems like every traveller has their preferred way of getting around and to suggest doing something different would be borderline blasphemous. A lot of it stems from what you’re used to or even just what you started out doing either from a friend suggesting it or what your family frequented. People who have never been on planes before and actively avoid them may be doing it out of a misplaced fear out of safety or expense; the same thing goes for taking a boat, except that it’s far too slow and they don’t know where they could get to on one.

When it comes to trains and your comfort with seeing them as a viable transportation system, it really depends on where you live. Some countries have excellent rail systems, commuter and distance, and others do not – and your experience with them develops as such. If you’re skipping out on taking the train though, for whatever reason, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

And here’s why:

Departures are a Breeze

For anyone used to flying, a train station is a breath of fresh air. Far from being the militarized hubs so many airports have turned into, train stations are usually open air and getting on board is a simple thing. Security check points are virtually non existent at train stations, which can lead to a less tense atmosphere when it comes to train travel.

More Relaxed Pace

On board a train you can get up and walk around far easier than you can on a plane, which leads to a generally more enjoyable experience. More space to move around, sit and relax means you can take it easy on route to your destination and arrive refreshed.

canada-train_1292451cEnjoy the Journey

Trains generally pass through some pretty spectacular scenery from time to time which means getting a window seat has its advantages, unlike the tiny porthole on a plane. Some people take a train for the benefit of being able to view their surroundings, perhaps getting off at random stops to look around as they desire.

Can be Cheaper

In many instances you can save a great deal of money travelling by train than you can by flying, making it a far more affordable method of travel than others. Some trains are quite expensive depending on the class of car you choose, the distance, the country and the destination, but generally you come out ahead on a train. Plus, most train stations are fairly central in the city of departure and arrival, unlike airports, making the whole experience less of a hassle.


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