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How To Stick To Your Budget In Jakarta

hatIt’s okay to admit it. Budgeting can be pretty tough. Everywhere you go there are admission fees, restaurant bills, hotel charges, extra add ons. No wonder most of us tend to overspend on our vacations. This is true wherever you go. Whether you are splurging on cheese and wine in Paris or are checking out the attractions in Jakarta. Speaking of Jakarta…this is the capital of Indonesia. It is the most populated city in Southeast Asia and is the (temporary) home to many travellers. Is Jakarta on your radar? Then pay very close attention. These tips will help you stick to your travel budget.


Search The Internet For Discounts, Discounts, and More Discounts. Why pay full price when you don’t have to? The great thing about the Internet? There are always ways to save money on travel. You can often find discounts on everything from airline tickets (seat sales, discount codes, and comparison websites) to hotels. You never know. You might even find a great price on a room at the Pop Hotel Kemang. Just look online and keep your eyes peeled. Oh and be sure to check out Traveloka. Once you find lower prices on essentials…. it will be a whole lot easier to stick to your travel budget.

Keep Track Of Where Your Money Is Going. It is super simple to overspend. Especially on vacation. Temptation is all around you! So you might find that you are shelling out cash without really thinking about it. A taxi ride here and a beverage there. Before you know it, your wallet is feeling a little light. One way to prevent that from happening? Keep track of where you are spending your money. How can you do it? Write down everything you spend. Keep a small notebook and pen on hand. Then whenever you spend money, take a moment to jot down what you spent and on what. Simple but effective. This will help you keep track and think before you spend.

Take Your Time At Attractions And Local Hot Spots. The amazing thing about Jakarta? There are so many fantastic things to see. Like the Monas monument, the Presidential Palace, the Museum National, and Kota Tau to name just a few examples. To spend less on your Jakarta getaway? Take your time at each attraction and landmark you see. Walk a little slower. Appreciate every moment. This will not only allow you to really enjoy your travel experiences…. but it will also help you save money. Seeing fewer attractions means that you will be paying fewer attraction fees. It is a win-win situation.


Other Money Saving Tips For Your Jakarta Trip:

-Make use of public transportation or walk for short distances.
-Avoid eating at tourist-geared spots. Eat like a local instead! The experience will be amazing and you will save money.
-Stop off at market stalls rather than chain stores. These will make for memorable souvenirs. Ones that will not break the bank.
-Set daily goals for yourself. Aim to stick to your daily travel budget as much as humanly possible.


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