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Take a Break to the Algarve


It’s no secret to many Europeans, particularly the British, that the Algarve is a great vacation destination. Located on the southernmost point of mainland Portugal, the Algarve feels like a step into some hidden paradise, tucked away from all the worries and strife of the rest of the world. With it’s beautiful beaches and warm, inviting climate, Algarve holidays are a huge hit with tourists of all nationality.


With a storied past that saw it conquered by numerous cultures over the centuries and millennia, it would seem to make perfect sense that the current life of the Algarve is based on relaxation and tourism. Tired of all that fighting, they settled on living the good life and the good news is this is something you can take part in too!


Home to many fabulous resorts that take advantage of the region’s natural beauty and superb climate, the Algarve is just waiting for you to arrive. The beaches are definitely something to check out, with many of them being the definition of what a good beach should be. Some sites of note include Praia da Marinha, Armacado de Pera and Lagos with the picturesque rock outcroppings, but any of which are great to spend a day just enjoying the sound of the waves and the breeze wafting over you on your beach chair.


The good news for anyone who is a member of the European Union is that buying a slice of this heaven is within their grasp. You can buy property without very much hassle from the local administration that you would have to endure if you were belonging to any other nationality. You would be in fine company and among a wide ranging international community, including Dutch, Germans, Scandinavians and British.


While many people may come to the Algarve for resorts in the traditional high-rise type accommodation, it is not by any means the only way to spend your time here. Guesthouses are much more the norm by traditional Algarve standards and they have seen a resurgence in popularity in the last few years. Regardless of the style of accommodation you chose, you’re sure to be living the good life when you holiday here.


Those looking to experience some of the traditional culture will need to look no further than their local markets or even shops within the resorts. Traditional hand painted pottery and locally grown food are among some of the most common products found in the Algarve, many of which are grown by the region’s inhabitants.


Relaxation, exploration, golfing, spa life and a change of pace from the ordinary are what awaits you in the Algarve. Be sure to check it out if you get the chance and find out what everyone’s talking about in this south Portuguese paradise.



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