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Taking a Luxury Short Break

Sometimes the perfect vacation is right next door.

There is this unfair perception that to have a dream holiday you need to spend piles of money, take weeks off at a time and go to some far away land. In reality, the perfect vacation is whatever you make it to be – either a hotel stay for a night in a different city or three months backpacking through Southeast Asia – as long as you have a good time it matters not what you do.

Taking short breaks instead of longer ones opens up more possibilities for vacations throughout the year, as they can generally be squeezed into any weekend or few days off. Sure, you can wait for 10 months and take three weeks all at once but sometimes you really just need a weekend away to set your mind at ease. Knowing that you only have to work two weeks before you get to take a mini getaway is fantastic for your own sanity!

On top of that, planning a short break to a different city or a cottage in the country is so much more easier to plan than some giant venture. Coordinating schedules between people can be one of the most frustrating things to do, especially when both sides don’t get the same natural days off in a week. If you can happen to get the time off in the middle of the week it’s all the better as many deals and vacancies are easier to come by when you avoid the weekend.

The beauty of taking short breaks over longer ones is that you can splurge on certain items that you may not have been able to justify for an extended period. Like if you really want to dine at that exquisite café on the lake front, you can go overboard for the one night instead of a week’s worth of meals. Order the finest wine (or most reasonably priced fine wine), get the hors d’oeuvre and by all means, have that cheesecake you normally say no to – it’s not like you’re doing this every day! If it makes you happy, treat yourself.

The same goes for hotel stays and attractions you decide to take in. It’s one thing to spend a week in a $300 a night suite, but to indulge for just one night is manageable. You’d be surprised the number of deals that are available for a few nights (particularly on weekdays) if you pay attention to travel companies or online deal-finding sites. You can quite often get tickets to a show or event, hotel and a dining credit for less than half than what you were to spend if you bought it separately.

At times it’s nice to get away for a long period of time but for last minute plans or just a few days break from the stress of everyday life, you really can’t beat the short breaks. They can sometimes be just what you need to relax and they don’t need to break the bank.


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