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The Key to a Great Night Out in Barcelona

It’s really hard to have a bad time in Barcelona. During the day it’s bursting with culture from every historic building, marketplace and crowded street – but at night, it becomes something else entirely. There are great places to stay just outside of the city but to get the full experience you have to stay as close to downtown as possible. Hostel Bookers has access to all sorts of these gems and you can book yourself into those party central hostels or the more subdued ones depending on your taste. It’s a lot easier to use Hostel Bookers than risking not getting something by just waiting until you arrive, so be sure to make use of it.

If it’s your first time in Barcelona, it may be easy to be overwhelmed or even feel unsafe by the different vibe that emerges once the sun goes down but it really isn’t too different than any other city. Be smart about your surroundings (so don’t go down sketchy looking alleys), stick to groups of people and keep an eye on your bags/possessions at all times. As long as you keep your wits about you, you won’t have any trouble and are up for a fantastically amazing time.

Here are some sure fire ways to have a great time on your nights out in Barcelona.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk

This isn’t so much about the safety issue (although it should be mentioned) but more so about getting out and seeing the city on foot at night. Many of the alleys turn into these lively meeting places where there always seems to be a party and just feels fun. Plus, it’s cheaper than taking a taxi or metro.

A Great Meal

The locals eat late, so you should too. Start out the evening with some tapas (maybe around 5pm) but that will only hold you over until your real meal much later, like around 10pm. Many restaurants will be open very late and have ridiculously good food and spirits available – and everyone knows a great night starts with a great meal!

Stay Out Late

Like… really late. If your instinct is to be in bed before midnight, try to fight against that. If you think 2am is the perfect time to go to a club and closing time is for wusses, Barcelona is the city for you. Try to make it as long as you can because for many people, the best way to cap a night off in Barcelona is to…

72_518534551021_9698_nWatch the Sunrise

Walk over to one of the beaches and pick out a good spot to just chill out and watch the day’s first colours emerge on the horizon. If you can still stomach it, crack open a beer or some delicious drink and toast the return of the day. It may be something that you’ve seen a million times before, but after a great night out, it goes down remarkably smooth.

Good People

It goes without saying that the people make the place and Barcelona is no exception. You can make tons of great friends on a night out or through your hostel but choosing to travel here with a great group of friends is really the best way to go.


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